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  1. usually it means your skin is too dry ORRR the moisturizer has oils.. When you put it on you dont glob it on right? You should use a sparing amount to use all over the face. Also if moisturizer is really the one at fault here, try using some kind of aloe gel or aloe face mist. Aloe is hydrating and only use pure aloe, it will take place of a moisturizer and provide enough hydration while not causing any acne.
  2. In 6th grade i got my first pimple, my mom immediately told me to use Dial Bar Soap... the worst possible suggestion to give anyone dealing with acne or oily skin. I used it every morning in the shower and lathered it on my face. Of course my skin dried out, got irritated and thus created more acne and my skin became more oily because the soap dried it out bad. Years later on to freshmen year of high school i have bad acne and oily oily skin. So we hear of this clarisonic magic spinning vibra