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  1. Duac has the same ingredients as Benzaclin-- 5% Bp and 1% Clindamycain it should be good with the differin.. give it some time and good luck!
  2. my derm told me if your going to just put differin on your face you might as well not use anything because differin works best when your using it with other acne creams
  3. please winter summer spring you name it i break out! please winter summer spring you name it i break out!
  4. you've felt like crying..i've actually cried! a few times and i hate to admit that because i kno beauty is skin deep but sometimes you reach rock bottom and just gotta let it all out
  5. ive been on Doryx for 2 and a half- to 3 months now, and i started seeing results on my 2nd month. So far i like it...Doryx is extened release doxycycline so it shouldnt give you an upset stomache if it does make sure you take it with a full glass of water
  6. Dove Soap beauty bar...i had moderate acne and that is what my derm said to use
  7. differin shouldnt be used alone...my first doctor put me on differin applied once at bedtime and i used it for 3 months and it sucked! but my second doctor put me on differin at night, benzaclin in the morning and Doryx tablets and my acne has cleared up a lot!
  8. it doesnt need to be excatly 12 hrs apart...if you took your first dose at say 9am...and then another at 6pm that would be alright
  9. yes! i have been on doryx for almost 3 months now...and it has cleared up a lot of my acne..but i just don't feel like myself anymore! i really can't pin point it though...im nervous, and moody and i just feel weird! my eating habits have been different too.
  10. you're over doing it with the ziana...i have also had acne around my lips which is probably the worst place to get it because then it looks like you have cold sores! you might think that using the ziana only once a day isnt enough for the amount of acne you have..but it is! it takes time which sucks but you gotta wait it out
  11. ouch! it seems like maybe you have dry skin? i would try Dove Soap beauty bar... it is gentle and has moisturizers in it.. and make sure you dont wash your face too much. no more then twice a day. I wouldnt be worried yet..if it keeps up over the next month i would see a doctor