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    Psychology-getting my PhD in cognitive psych
  1. Hey Jen! I havent seen you on the boards in awhile. I hope you come back and are doing well

  2. haha. It didn't take you long to crack it and on no sleep that was impressive. Me i was fully awake, stone cold sobar and took me the best part of an hour! Maths was never my thing.

  3. Thank you...its because I don't run into those early morning brain teasers of yours very often!

  4. ahhhhh cool. Must say you look good for 29.

  5. Nah, not 99 :) I'm the age of your current lady crush...my birthday is very soon after yours.

  6. I am indeed. I am soon to be 24 in 2 weeks. I am getting old man. Are you really 99 years old? lol

  7. Were you REALLY born on Valentine's Day?

  8. JenMyMy


    You're such a sweetheart I know guys can get very sensitive about acne on their backs, my brother had moderate acne there, none on his face luckily, and a normally confident and outgoing guy became very aware of situations where he would be shirtless. His ended up being an allergy to detergents, but the change in him after he got it under control was enormous. I didn't realize how big of an issue he had with it until it was under control and he felt like he could talk about it. For some rea
  9. Oh, I'm in your friend list now, thanks BD

    haha, cop out!

  10. When I was in therapy for my anxiety and a bunch of past stuff...my therapist was probably most concerned about my anger issues in the longterm. They sound very similar to yours, so I thought maybe the cause is the same. I can get extremely upset, very quickly over the stupidest things. Usually with big things I'm very slow to anger, and I never stay angry for usually more than a few seconds, they're just little outbursts of frustration. I actually read a book called "Anger and Anxiety: Be i
  11. Urine's most helpful ingredient is definitely urea...its widely used in many facial products. I also wanted to dispel any rumors that urine will reduce oil production. I have fairly oily skin and while the urine does keep me clear, it does nothing to improve the oiliness of my face. Thanks for the updated Dandelion!! :D Glad its still going well!
  12. Perfect advice....I only changed my haircolor once, to red. I had to constantly go in to keep the red maintained, and I would have looked ridiculous with dark brown brows. My stylist always applied a small amount to the brows using one of those little eyebrow brushes, worked like a charm. And like Siouxsie/Jai said, take it off after 5-7 mins so they aren't the exact color of your hair, and you'll be set. Don't do your eyelashes, obviously. Any pics? :D