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  1. actually i noticed that when i moved i broke out a lot less and my skin is so much softer now.... the water where i live now is much softer..
  2. ok so update. After my MONUMENTAL mistake yesterday the redness dissapated after a few hours.... but then today when i took a shower i came out and BAM my face is beet red again... same spot as yesterday. do you guys think this is something that will reaccur everytime i take a shower now? can u like give yourself rosacea?
  3. thanx I didnt think i had Rosacea ...but i didn't know where else to put this post. I do know one thing though this is the LAST time i'll be experimenting with my friddgin face.
  4. well they said if i put a hot compress on it would help it come to a head..
  5. ok so someone told me to put a hot compress if i saw a pimple forming (I usually wouldn't stress a single pimple too much but i have a wedding on Nov 3rd) anyway i put a hot compress on my face a left it for about two minutes.... it didnt burn but it was very hot. I took it off and a few minutes later i went to look in the mirror and my face it BRITE RED!!! i mean like beet RED... I have never been diagnosed with Rosacea... I'm EXTREMELY fair skinned. Did i do some crazy permenant damamge to
  6. Graaaaaaaa ok sorry for the pointless thread but WTF?!?! why is it that People like Micheal Jackson can go from freakin Black to white and we can't figure out how to banish these red marks once and for all!!!!!!! ok granted he looks like a freak now and whatever he did was probably suuuuuuuuuuuuper unhealthy but if science can do something as wierd as that there should be a solution for this.. annnywhoo i'm just ventiing love ya guys xoxoxo
  7. Heyyy thought i'd bring this back see if anyone has tried Laser Genesis. My Dr feels this is my best option for my facial redness... but of course i wanted to check in with you guys first and see if any of you have tried it... xoxo
  8. thank you so much for that response that makes total and complete sense nowww. DAMMIT! gRAAA lol. Hmm so does that mean that my red marks are due to broken blood vessels in my face that can only be corrected by laser? Can broken blood vessels go away on there own or by using a topical medication or internal supplement? has anyone ever heard of a case when the red marks completely went away.. i mean not just became lighter but vanished? I wasnt much of a picker and i dont smoke dont drink I do
  9. I will most def be trying this. Please also keep me posted on any progress you guys have. Personally i could care less how pale i get so long as these friggkin marks go away..... Also has anyone ever heard of a case where the marks COMPLETELY vanish... not just faded but were eventually all gone.. I haven't
  10. ok, does this happen to anyone.. wheni wake up in the morning i'm like YESSSSSSSS! they are fading but then through out the day i notice they get redder. same room same lighting same mirror.... does anyone know why this happens?