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  1. While it seemed like he was saying acne gave him autism wasnt THE subject at hand, it was one of the subjects. And I wasn't trying to diss him or anything. No way. Kudos, in fact. But I didn't think it was a particularly good idea if people came onto the board and saw that post and started worrying that, y'know, acne could cause autism. No point in havin myths. I knew what he was trying to say and just kinda certified it. Thats all.
  2. acne is like a battle but you kinda know already who will win, the acne... if you let the acne win, it will win... if you wont let it win you keep on struggling till u get the miracle drug called roaccuatane. I make more money then my fukking parents at the moment, by modelling.. i still have some scars on my face, but thanks god there is something called concealer.
  3. with my pretty bad english i'll try to explain autism/asperger's syndrome. Asperger is shown at birth truth, but sometimes they just dont recognize it as autism and / or Asperger's syndrome. I was bullied for over 10 years and after some suicide attempts my parents decided to bring me to a psych, and i turned out having asperger's syndrome. I was 12 than. So yes it is possible to get that name kinda late.
  4. When i was a little kid i used to have a loooooooot of acne, now it's only 2 years ago since i posted here on this website, currently i work for a modelling agency and my life is the way i least expected it. But what i want to make clear is that there is hope for everyone, dont take to much notice of what you have right now, just think about your future. Because i had severe acne i suffer now from something called autism, although i still earn more then my parents so who cares? I used to have a
  5. I always get zits on the same places, never on my forehead, never on my nose, but ALWAYS and really ALWAYS on the sides of my face. And about 9 out of the 10 times it's on the right side, and that is also the side i sleep on mostly. So i have to come up with something to make sure that when i sleep i sleep face upwards looking at my ceiling. But how.... Second problem is that since i am working out at a gym, i seem to get more zits, it's not even close to a big problem (it's only 4 / 5 zits) b
  6. Yesterday I bought myself some Ocean Salt, this morning I woke up with some zits on my face, while I haven't had a zit since a long time ( i have had some serious acne) and now I have 4! so I began to do some research on the web, and I found that Ocean Salt contains something called "Sodium Chloride" which is rated HIGH COMEDOGENIC Is it wise to continue the use of this product?
  7. First of all, there's really a million topics about this drug, so i feel very sorry to open one more. BUT After my very good Roacutane cure i still have some very very tiny whiteheads, so i thought maybe to buy some benzoyl, but did this stuff actually work for somebody?
  8. Totally truth, I always had long, curly hair and had to put a lot of wax and gel in it to keep it in place. That period I had much acne. Now about 3 months ago, I decided to go the barber and now my hair is so short that I don't need any gel. And what ya think? normally i always had one of two bumps on my forehead, now not even one.
  9. Damn, it all happenend the last couple of weeks, it started with one zit.. i thought aagh this one is probably just a lost zit, didn't take any notice from it. But now there's 5! while i was clean for 4 months, i was using Roaccutane, and i think that i am going to use it again, but is that a wise thing? -Is the acne-bang coming again? -Looking at the weather, it's warm, sunny weather so is that wise? i rather be clean and white than brown with zits.. what would you people suggest, i guess tha
  10. i've tried it a couple of times to know for sure it was not co-insedence or however you may wright that, and i've got definite prove that masturbating causes acne. At mine
  11. After a tryout period of a week now, i can see big progression to the positiv side of town... I even have LESS zits than before, that means bout ONCE a week. Which i can of course can life with.. so to everybody, just try it, maybe it works out for you also
  12. after beeing clear for 3 months i have had some really tiny zits the past week, but this was not even visible if you didn't know it was a zit. I hope that it stays like this, the little fella's are gone in a day so not a real problem
  13. In hollywood it is a standard, super-models, moviestars, they are all sleeping on their back... It does make sense actually, because if you put your face in a pillow during the whole night, your face can't breath, you get rimples very fast AND there's more chance for zits to pop up. Does make sense doesn't it? So I was wondering how can you teach yourself to sleep on your back? Are there special techniques, are there special pillows? or how the hell can you manage to sleep on your back for the
  14. Haven't been here for quite a time, i've been off accutane for about 3 months now, and it feels so good to be clean! Haven't had a single spot in my face, i've had one on my stomach though, but i guess that was just a mistake of god... I still suffer from some of the side-effect, like my back is still hurting pretty often, but i can tell you one thing. It's truly worth it. To everybody he is taking, or planning to take Roaccutane i can just say one thing... DO IT and CONTINUE even when you ha