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  1. Guys, how bad and how long are your hangovers from a night of drinking?? Mine for example have gone from only a few hours after i wake up too having a buzzed hangover where i struggle to sleep for 3 days after
  2. 10 billion cfu of 2 bacteria strains is nothing compared to the overall, my plan of attack is doing all fruits mostly berries, while eating cultured foods that have been sat and the good bacteria has grown in the pot a good while, maybe an antibiotic like wild oregano to kill all bacteria and start fresh the consume the cultured food, i am still new to this so i am trying to figure this out on getting all the good bacteria strains whatever that is? Use common sense it going to take more then a p
  3. @macleod I agree on the forum, i tried googling through but i never seen anyone recover there e.coli, maybe you can link? Im also not keen on the probiotics, i rather get on the cultured foods there is bacteria for everything even seen today where discovered there is a bacteria that can grow inside us that can take sunlight and convert that into energy instead of food. Maybe arnold ehret had something on our bodies being "air gas engines" Im still going ahead with having a ton of cultered food
  4. Well do what you think is best im pretty sure a bucket is to hold the milk is not what nature intended you need to think what did nature give us not what man created and done, because look at us now what a state we are in, i have not had a cold or flu since i went raw. I know first hand that pasteurized milk is mucus forming and is not good for us, raw milk may be different as it may have the correct micro-biome in the raw milk so you can digest, but still its just more theories and thinking why
  5. No idea maybe undiscovered undetected strains or parasites are overpowering it from growing and also we need e.coli the rabbit hole goes too deep, just get the micro-biome sorted thats the goal, as said its all too complex. Too much thinking. Sauerkraut, coconut yogurt, maybe an antibiotic while taking these cultered foods, get the good bacteria a fresh base and over power the bad bacteria start eating some dirt, eat raw fruits, NO veggies apart from kale, zuchinni, mushrooms, you dont want star
  6. This just adds up to everything i just posted and your results are in line with what he recieved with this guy who says he is now cured from pfs if you did not see this ill post the link where he explains whats up and why The link i posted in my above post http://www.propeciahelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10595
  7. Its more natural then most stuff we consume, but you have to wonder what was the first human thinking when he thought he would drank milk from a cow, sheep, goat, did he use his mouth to get that milk. Not very natural is it, i doubt any wild animal would let you get near it to get a taste that animal must of had quite the wtf moment... If not the soil that should be on our food if its too out there. Maybe try this coconut yogurt mixed with prebiotics/probiotics...this guy is way out there and
  8. I really think the answer lies in the bigger picture. We are made up of 98% bacteria, fix that and the 2% will fix itself. I do not think probiotics (hand picked discovered strains in a bottle) Life its all too complex to figure out at this point. Not even a raw diet is enough its been hybridized and tampered with fruit and veggies we see now do not look or was even around 200 years ago not to mention all the bacteria is now washed and killed off with chemicals, we are all so scared of bacter
  9. Anabolics dont work it masks the problem then your body goes back to baseline, it worked for 3 months after that i took viagra when needed and carried on injecting untill i quit almost 2 years ago i went up to 1g of test and 400mg of masteron (dht) both compounds per week i had a gf which is why i stayed on for so long your body builds tolerance until i stopped seeing her else i would have to break it to her that my dick doesn't work even with everything and the viagra. I have no idea i have t
  10. Just to add in here, following accutane i had ED at 19 years old. I am now 27 years old. Testosterone injections of 500mg per week, testosterone level of around 3000, range was around 300-1200, works for only the first 3 months then like any supplement...Tolerance. Although i had libido its useless without the use of high doses of viagra which i also got hold off. I will also add i did weight training during this time and after the initial couple months i made no gains after, if i did it was ver
  11. Just finished 1 month of Accutane and i have none left! Cant get any for 2 weeks now...Will this mean im going to break out hardcore now? Please help me.
  12. Thank you, i will drop it. Anything else i should drop? example. High Vitamin A foods?
  13. I have been taking Cod Liver Oil with Accutane (online without docters permission) for the last 2 weeks. What is wrong with taking it with Accutane? Please Answer!?
  14. Why is it a no-no? i have been taking it straight after accutane since i have been on it (2 weeks)