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  1. I was reading through articles about accutane. Apparently it damages your liver no matter how much the dose, just more damage or less. I think it's also proven that if your liver is damaged, your skin healing is very much affected. Now here's the problem, now i'm on quite a high dosage of tane(i'm small-built and asian) and my red PIH don't fade at all. If i drop the amount of accutane i take(tried a while back), i'll get more acne, but i was hoping my red PIH will fade. These acne will just tu
  2. thanks for the responses. i think i won't put them together at night.
  3. My derm prescribed me a retin-a cream and an antibiotic today. The instruction for the antibiotic was for it to be applied day and night. I just realized that i forgot to ask him whether they can be used together. The antibiotic is named Demegen, but i couldn't find anything about an antibiotic cream by that name on google. And just if anyone needs to know, it kills gram negative bacteria. so, can they be used together? (at night)
  4. It's wrong? Oh wells, the place I live in people speak really bad English. Sometimes I get so used to it I don't know it's wrong. Forgive me. I dont know, push harder I heard if you push harder, you get extra red + high chance of scarring. That's bad. But my blackheads are pretty obvious.
  5. I tried using a blackhead removal tool today. It was the kind that has a ring on one side, and a sharp edge on the other. They didn't have instructions on how to use it, so i went to google on how to use it. After reading, I followed what they said. I steamed my face for 15 seconds, and then i added splashed my face with warm water and i pat dry my face. Then i used the ring and put it on top of the area with a blackhead, so that the black head was in the middle of the ring. Then i pushed the
  6. Haha i know you're not trying to bring me down. You said i needed time. Well i have 1 1/2 mths. Not enough for 100% perfect colour, but hey, it will beat what i have now. I don't wanna show a picture, but it's quite hideous(the colouring).
  7. This is my third week on tane. I can say the acne is under control. But the marks are really pissing me off. First it's japan school exchange trip, i don't wanna look bad. Then I have some camp with students all over my mini-country. Again, I don't know any of them, and i'm going there to make friends, so i really cannot have all that pigmentation on me. Gah, i really need to do something about the pigmentation.
  8. I have a severe case of hyperpigmentation, i should say. On my cheeks i have a lot of brown spots from old cysts and nodules. On my chin i have red marks, still have them, and a bit of acne just below my lip which won't go away. Then on the side of my forehead, especially on the right side, is a mix of brown and red marks. Scarring is not much of a prob, i have one indented scar, but not really very obvious. I need to get them off by end of october!! Got 2 major events i gotta get the pigmenta
  9. I used to have 3 or 4 big guys on my face, and if one of them heals, another pops up. I've been experimenting different treatments, and I found one that works for me. I'm pretty sure many of us how have cysts and nodules use facial cleansers. No matter how gentle, facial cleansers dry your skin in some way. The body naturally produces more oil to make up for the lost oil, and usually in excess. So, your cyst or nodule doesn't quite heal. So I decided to try this. First, wash with what
  10. thanks for the suggestions ^^ i'll look for some of these on the net.
  11. I think it's water. Since you drink every now and then, the acne around that area touches water, and water is beneficial to curing acne.
  12. I can't say any specific product will save you from that. My opinion is to find a cleanser, which ISN'T the deep clean kind. When you use it, first add water to the cleanser, then apply it on your face, if it's still kinda creamy or there's too much foam on your face, then add a little bit more water, I find that this "diluted" cleaning method clear the surface skin quite well without overdrying it, which could cause more problems.
  13. I read up on google, that to use chemical peels, skin should be free of acne. Currently, i'm not free of acne.