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  1. This week I started on 70mg of isotretinoin/roaccutane/accutane – whatever you want to call it! Quite a leap from 30mg but if you want to find out more about the reasons behind that then you can read my one month recap post. Day 29 Thursday 17th August Dermatologist appointment day! I stayed at my parents again this week as they were on holiday and needed a cat sitter, which worked out perfectly for me as the hospital is only a 25 minute walk away from their house. However.
  2. I had my one month appointment at the dermatologist on Thursday morning. She was really impressed with how I’ve taken to it and her eyes lit up when I said I’d not had an initial break out. Of course everyone reacts differently to the medication but she said that it filled her with confidence that this treatment was going to be effective for me personally. She upped my dose from 30mg to 70mg for the next month and said it was a good idea to try and get as many mg under my belt before the
  3. I’ve just completed my fourth week on 30mg of roaccutane. I have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow morning so I might do an extra post about that afterwards to share what was discussed. My symptoms are much of the same but because I haven’t reacted that badly to the 30mg (at least I don’t think I have) I have a feeling she’s going to up my dose. Things are about to get interesting. Not in this blog post though, sorry. Day 22 Thursday10th August Overall my skin is good, I kee
  4. I’ve just completed my third week on 30mg of isotretinoin/roaccutane. Still no major breakouts on my face so I’m assuming I must just be able to tolerate this dose? My one month check up at the dermatologist is only a week away and I’m still feeling super positive! Although my face is clearing up, my back still needs a lot of work. I wish i could physically take a photo but my t-rex arms won't allow it. Day 15 Thursday 3rd August Same old, same old. By lunchtime
  5. I’ve just completed my second week on 30mg of isotretinoin/roaccutane. I can summarise this week in one word: DANDRUFF. If you’ve been through or are going through roaccuntane, please let me know how it’s going/gone, I love hearing other people’s stories and tips. Likewise, if anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask away! Day 8 Thursday 27th July I had really dry lips when I woke up this morning. I wore make up today too and although it clung to the dry patches a
  6. I’ve just completed my first week on 30mg of isotretinoin. I honestly thought (hoped) it would take a lot longer for the side effects to kick in – how naïve of me. These updates may be a little chatty and long, but I wanted to give a day to day account so I personally can see when it starts to get bad (and better!). Day 1 Thursday 20th July I was advised to take the tablets with the fattiest meal of the day, so for me that’s with my evening meal. Obviously, no side
  7. Family members are almost worst aren't they? They have no filter! They know they can get away with sly backhanded gestures ("Here's some new cleanser for you to try to improve your skin!") and rude comments because of the unconditional love. As petty as it sounds, even people saying "your skin looks good today!" - just the fact that they've noticed that it isn't that "bad" that day makes me feel so insecure! I'm so sorry to hear how it's affected your life. I'm also dreading the initial br
  8. I was 14 years old and having a sleepover at my friend's house when I realised that my skin was a noticeable problem. Not just to me, but to other people. I know her older sister won’t even remember making that comment but it’s stuck with me in the back of my mind ever since. The most frustrating part for me personally over the years hasn’t been my skin itself, but people giving me their (unwelcome) opinions and telling me why I had “bad” skin: “You don’t clean your face enough.” “You