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  1. even5tar

    On doc's Prescription.

    will it clears my skin in 3 months? Doxycycline 100mg/1/day + In-3-it set +21st Century Herbs for Skin + Scot's Emulsion Code Liver Oil Capsule
  2. hi. my regime since yesterday is morning : Neostrata Neoceuticals CLarifying cleanser + 4 % benzoylk peroxide + (x taking doxcycline because my stock has run-out. need to wait until next monday for the pharmacy to open) nite : same as morning (w/o doxycycline) i used sunblock if i go out. these r my 3rd regime. 3 days ago it was : cleanser = c&c advantage +calamine(+6%sulfur)+doxycycline 50mg my 2nd regime before was cleanser=c&c advantage + 0%azeleic acid(skinoren) i stop using azele