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  1. Sounds like you're off to a good start anyway I wish you the best of luck! I'm on 60mg also, on my fourth and final month. I know how you feel about skin picking, I always do it thinking it'll do no harm.. now on roaccutane if i kinda pull at a flaky piece of skin, my face bleeds! Poor face. I've been wearing make up everyday on it, had to give up on my mousse foundation, but I find liquid ones work well. Anyway, as I said, good luck! Tis all worth it, xx.
  2. Good luck with accutane! I'm on my fourth and final month and it's been going swimmingly, hope yours will too
  3. thanks a million :] i wish you the best of luck with your skin!
  4. 3 weeks left on Roaccutane Only side effect being the dry lips for me I'm seeing great improvments but am afraid that it'll all just return when I finish I'll be crossing my fingers it'll stay away for ever, like my derm tells me it will! I've always had a reddish complexsion, though I feel the Roaccutane has contributed to it a bit.
  5. My derm prescribed me a 4 month course of Roaccutane, saying 4 months is the minimum about of time one should take Roaccutane for the results to last. So if your skin is clear, go for it, just do the 4 months
  6. Yeah, I'm delighted, feeling much more confident! Am only on a course for 4 months so hope that should do it.
  7. I voted yes; it's a strong drug, obviously there are going to be side effects, but in many cases, such as mine, they are totally bearable. No harm in having dry lips and skin for CLEAR skin
  8. Aww thank you! Just some dry patches on my face and the chapped lips. Had a hand rash at one stage as I wasn't mositurising them, but they're fine now
  9. Day 33. I definetly see an approvement in my skin. Feeling more confident. Lips dry as always, 2 patches of dry skin on my face - the only side effects, I'm a lucky one so far. Drank alcohol for the first time while on Roaccutane last night, no hangover, everything same as pre-Roaccutane. My dermatologist claims that the effect of drinking alcohol while on Roaccutane has been exaggerated to the max, particularly on the internet. Anyway, new pics. Just for my own benefit really I guess, seeing
  10. Day 9. Skin very dry, though central heating could be to blame in part. Anyway, just posting some pics to mark my progress! No difference really in skin, same ol, same ol at the mo.
  11. I started 60mg on Sunday myself, taking 1 after breakfast and 2 after dinner. Best of luck!
  12. Hi, was finally prescirbed roaccutane by my derm last week. I previously have been on 3 courses of antibiotics, aswell as Dianette (Diane 35) for a year, with no success. When my derm mentioned roaccutane as the solution, a big grin spread over my face because I know I'll be seeing results with this. I've had mild-moderate persistant acne for the past 4 years. I weigh 55kg and will be on 60mg for 4 months. Journey begins here! Day 1 pictures.
  13. I'm on my fourth pack of Dianette, and my mild acne is even milder. It's nice! When I get spots, they're small ones, and last for shorter amounts of time. :] Good luck to everyone
  14. I have Diane 35 and it's working well for me. Not efficient birth control? Surely that can't be true. That's why my doctor prescribed it to me... as birth control
  15. Thanks for the replies. Nice & speedy lil community here It also was nice coming to this site and seeing 777 users online. I always feel like I'm alone with this terrible skin, but this site tells me otherwise!