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  1. I would say try a different cleanser. My derm always says that being gentle on the skin is very important when you have acne. I use Cerave cleanser and moisturizer; I switched from Cetaphil because I didn't feel like it helped my skin. Tea tree oil may just dry out your skin and cause further redness, but you could try it if you wish. Are you on any medication or using any topicals?
  2. Hello! Unfortunately, I have been blessed with oily and acne prone skin. My oiliest areas are the T-zone, which I find I need to blot every hour, and I have yet to find a solution to this. Are there any good products that oily people have had good luck with? I wear makeup if that makes a difference. I wear Becca mattifying primer and Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.
  3. I didn't make any dietary changes and my skin has cleared up fine! I was on anti-biotics and Tazorac. I used to use Cetaphil facial cleanser and moisturizer, but I switched to Cerave and I liked it a lot better and so did my skin. A really great product I found for huge inflamed pimples is Murad Clarifying Mask with 4% sulfur. I use it to spot treat overnight and it honestly works so well. When you feel like you have a huge one coming on and there's a little redness and pain, but no bump yet,
  4. Those look like pretty angry cysts... Have you tried icing? That works pretty well for me with my cysts on my chin. You ice it for 10 min, and then take the ice off for another 10 min and keep switching in between icing on the pimple and icing off for an hour. I follow up with benzoyl and hydrocortisone cream, and at night I spot treat with Murad Clarifying Mask with 4% sulfur, which dries out the zit. I leave it on overnight and it usually makes a difference. Also, I'll take ibuprofen to help w
  5. smiley36

    Cleared skin

    Cleared skin

    Definitely take it with a snack when you take it because it might upset your stomach if you don't. Other than that, I had no problems with this med! I was on it for quite some time last year and then stopped taking it because I don't like being on anti-biotics for more than 3 months. My skin was fine though, and I like how if I have a flare-up, I can just take a few and my skin improves quickly!
  6. For me, the purging stage took about three weeks for everything to heal. I don't know if this is the case for you or not, but I got really bad cysts while I was purging and I found this great cyst regimen online. So first you ice it for 10 min, and then take it off for another 10 min and just keep switching between on and off for an hour. Then apply benzoyl peroxide (2.5%; avoid 10% because it will dry the skin out too much) and wait for it to dry and then apply hydrocortisone cream (I used an a