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  1. Long story short- I’ve been on bactrim for 4 years. It has been a wonder drug for my acne. I realise I can’t be on antibiotics long term so I need to get off. Problem is that even with slight weining of Bactrim I have huge breakouts. How the hell do I break this antibiotic cycle? Thanks
  2. Bio oil isn’t really a moisturiser but a scar reducer. Seems to have good results
  3. Yes. I’m down to quarter dose but can’t seem to get any lower without breakout
  4. Thanks for the reply. Good points- I’ll get a second opinion next chance I can. We only have one dermatologist in our area and he is big on accutane. I can’t do it because I have Chrohns in my family and I’ve heard there’s a link between it. ketaconozole has worked best out of all options but ultimately because the breakouts stretch all over my body it makes it hard with topicals. thanks again
  5. Nah they’re fine. Use bio oil and will further reduce them
  6. I dealt with terrible acne for a decade before I found Bactrim which all but pretty much cleared my skin completely. I have now been using it for 5 years with no issues whatsoever and it still keeps my skin clear (I’m 32). I have tried coming off it but can only get down to a minimum of a quarter dosage before breakouts. The reason I’m getting off it is that I’m concerned about being on antibiotics so long. It can’t be good, even though my dermatologist is happy enough for me to stay on them.
  7. Hello, im 28 and I'm pretty well acne free now, well at least when I'm on my antibiotic Bactrim. When I'm not on it it's terrible! problem is ive been on these antibiotics for years now and I hear how bad it can be to be on antibiotics long term. I have a number of other skin, hair and anxiety problems and I'm concerned it's all coming from within. So im thinking it really is time to try and get off them again (my skin goes so bad I have to get back on) but I have no plan. Is there somethi