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  1. Ah your good- no worries. Easy covered with some light foundation for meantime until they fade away very soon. Use Retin A and they will be gone in about a week or 2. Easy Peazy
  2. I know this post is really old but I disagree! Tretinoin promotes quicker healing so if you have the opportunity to stay in all day and avoid the sun oh and also have thick skin(not sensitive), Spot Treat! Ive seen faster inflammation reduction results. It would be great to be on an antibiotic temporarily to kill off the bacteria- that way your attacking it from both sides; inner with the antibiotics and outside healing with tretenoin.
  3. hmm never seen that- is it painful? Perhaps moisturizing with jojoba oil and hemp seed oil to soften those dead skin cells without forcefully removing?
  4. OT1

    Differin Diary

    I am really happy for you guys that Differin is working out! I have a different story on my end- I've always taken Differin for 8 plus years and had great skin. However once Differin became available over the counter and would purchase it conveniently at the store and pretty cheap too. All of a sudden- BAD break outs, left and right. Cysts out of nowhere. I've read online supposedly that the formula has not changed but my skin did not like the new Differin version. I had to resort to go
  5. I am going through the exact thing- I am going to see a dermatologist tomorrow and keep at my regime. I dont know what the HECK happened as well. I use to have clear skin for about 10 years and all of a sudden cysts everywhere.
  6. OT1

    No more oily skin thanks to LED Mask

    Maybe a quick one first month update please? I cant wait to get mines! its suppose to be coming in today. Got the Neutrogena Light Mask.
  7. I am having this exact same problem- actually switched to a gentle tea tree wash and wala! no new pimples. However I do notice- under a good light there is these very, very small bumps forming in my forehead as well. @XxIGBxX Did you find a way to reduce these? So far I am just applying Clean and Clear Spot Treatment to them.