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  1. You never said what the serving size is. Write that part again. It just said "serving size: softgels" is it two? If so, divide 880 by two and do the math again =) Oops! Serving size is 2. OMG does this mean I have to take 8 pills? Ugh that doesn't sound like fun. And this is the max strength!
  2. Great to hear that your regimen is working so well for you. I have a question. Do you think if you removed the salicylic acid from your regimen that you would break out again? Reason I ask is because the last time I used anything with SA, which was years ago, I broke out in a rash. So I'm afraid to use that at all. I break out maybe once or twice a week, have some bumps and blackheads, and want to fade my red marks. Do you think if I skip the SA I would still have good results? Also, I d
  3. So I just bought some of the Costco Maximum strength fish oil. Can someone tell me if I am taking the right amount of softgels per day? Here are the stats: Serving size: softgels 1700 mg 480 mg EPA 400 mg DHA So if the total EPH/DHA is 880, that means I need to 4 pills so I can get 3520mg aka 3.5g per day? And is the ratio for these pills ok? I was debating between the Natural Fish Oil and this Maximum Strength, and I ended up thinking this Maximum strength was better because it had more E
  4. I was using MaMa lotion too, every other evening. It didn't help much with my red marks. It just made my skin peel sooo much and left it dry and flakey. I switched to glycolic acid since then and I've had GREAT results! Hey fusion, I'm so glad to hear Alpha Hydrox is working out for you. Are you using the souffle? I LOVE the souffle!! So are you just using a GA wash or toner everyday? Which product are you using? I'm using the 12% glycolic souffle and the Alpha Hydrox Sheer
  5. I was using MaMa lotion too, every other evening. It didn't help much with my red marks. It just made my skin peel sooo much and left it dry and flakey. I switched to glycolic acid since then and I've had GREAT results! Hey fusion, I'm so glad to hear Alpha Hydrox is working out for you. Are you using the souffle? I LOVE the souffle!! So are you just using a GA wash or toner everyday? Which product are you using?
  6. I have been trying out the MaMa lotion, which has 10% mandelic and 10% malic acid for about a week now. I only use it every other evening to build up my tolerance (according to the instructions), and I don't seem to be getting any irritation. I do notice my pore seem cleaner in the morning when I wake up. I'm wondering how effective could a cleanser with AHA be, since you only have it on your face for a few seconds before you rinse it off? Is it better to go with a lotion like MaMa? Or mayb
  7. I am considering using this regimen. I am not using any BPO or other topical acne product, as my acne seems to be finally under control. But I started using the MaMa lotion to help exfoliate and hopefully help future breakouts. Does anyone know if I could still use this lotion in conjunction with this regimen? Mainly I want to fade my red marks, which are between 3 and 9 months old. Does anyone know how successful this regimen would be for marks that old?
  8. I am thinking of trying the at-home GA peel and have some questions. I have had two peels done by an aesthetician in the past 9 months, and these were the types where I could not wash my face for 3 or 4 days and my skin would flake/peel off. I have pretty oily skin, so I would sometimes still be flaking/peeling until the 7th day or so. I am not sure what type of acid they used, I guess I didn't bother to ask. Can anyone tell me if I should expect similar results with the at home GA peels,
  9. That's awesome that you are getting good results so far. I have red marks that vary in age from 3 months to 9 months. I tend to mark and bruise very easily. I do have some indentations that I'd like to smooth out too. The derm never mentioned the blue light would help with that, but maybe it would help as well. He told me that if I had it done on a Friday evening (he only does them in the late afternoon and evening when there's less sunlight), I would expect to only have 2-3 days of downtow
  10. What time of day did you have the procedure done? I went in for a consult a few months ago, and the derm said he does his procedures only late in the day so that you can have the evening to recoup, and there is supposedly less down time. What is your ethinic origin? I am Asian and wonder how the results would be on my skin. How many procedures does the derm suggest, and what is the cost? Mine quoted 4 procedures totaling $2,200 and $3,600 (or $3,800--can't remember) if I add in Vbeam laser
  11. Have you ever had a facial before? Did you go to your usual person? I did have a very bad experience a few months ago (not my usual aesthetician, what a mistake), where I went in without any breakouts, just an extraction, and I ended up with pus filled zits that kept erupting every few days. It was so bad I went to the derm and got on antibiotics and topicals. In the past I've had good facials, and went back recently to get another one and no problems. I usually have some marks for a few d
  12. Not to discount the effectiveness of the EnLux bulbs, sounds like they do a great job, but does anyone know if the NatureBright or Verilux clearwave lights would be just as effective as the Enlux? I am interested in the light therapy but don't really want a clamp-style lamp. The NatureBright and Enlux have more of a make-up mirror stand that is more appealing to me. And would using AHA in conjunction with the lights cause irritation? I am using the MaMa lotion currently and wondered if I cou
  13. So I was looking at the different lights that were listed...and was thinking of getting the Nature Bright {Edited link out] It looks like the lamp comes 6 red bulbs and 6 blue bulbs. Does this mean I should alternate red, blue and get a mixture of the two colors, and use for 10-15 minutes per day? I was considering getting the PDT at a dermatologist, and he told me that after the set of 4 treatments, many people go without breakouts for a long period of time, say even a few years.
  14. Yea the Levulan PDT is costly. My derm said it would be $2,200 for 4 treatments, and $3,800 total to add the Vbeam laser for marks. My aesthetician charges $200 for peels, so that's not cheap either. I just started trying the MaMa lotion Friday night, and am going to use it every other night and see how it goes. I haven't had any irritation so far. If my marks fade within a couple months, and it doesn't aggravate any breakouts, then I might not need the PDT.
  15. I've used Bare Minerals for years, and recently started using Dermacia MD Lycogel. http://www.lycogel.com/ I was breaking out really badly after a bad facial and I wanted to try something different. I really like it. It's actually recommended by dermatologists for use after chemical peels to help heal the skin. I have really oily skin and large pores. With my bare minerals, it would sometimes streak during the day. But the Dermacia stays on all day and doesn't change color. It wasn'
  16. Why can't you do a 2nd Levulan? My doc said he usually does a series of 4 treatments, 2 weeks apart from each other. I guess maybe it depends on the severity of the case.
  17. I was going to get a Levulan PDT treatment a few months back, but never did because I was leaving for vacation into a sunny climate (have to avoid the sun afterwards) and I was using BPO. Doctor told me I should stop using any type of topical acne treatment for a week beforehand. How many treatments did the doc say you need? And what type of skin do you have? Did he say your skin type is a good candidate? I am asian, with light olive skin, very oily and large pores. I am still considering
  18. How long have you had your acne problem? Is it just dark marks or pitting too? My derm told me the Levulan is activated by the blue light. So the PDT itself is supposed to help not only control breakouts, but to help smooth the texture of the skin and lighten some of the marks also. He said the Vbeam together works really well because that is for the marks alone. And I'm curious, how much is your derm charging for the PDT and Vbeam? How many sessions? I went to see Dr. Zaks in Bever
  19. I got a really bad facial in April, and was breaking out pretty badly with cystic pimples that left dark marks. I was so desperate that I went to the dermatologist soon after, I wonder if it could be the same one you went to. I am L.A. area too, and this guy was in Beverly Hills. He's supposed to be one of the top doctors in L.A. He was a really nice guy, and explained all kinds of procedures and treatments to me. He did suggest the PDT to treat the acne problem and the Vbeam in conjunc