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  1. here is a good line.. well it worked for the guy on the show. he sat down by 2 girls and he said, "97% of girls masturbate in the shower and the remaining 3% sing. Do you know what song they sing?" *silence* "then you 2 must be the girls who masturbate." *laughter* lol
  2. I don't have the confidence to flirt with women. So i've never been on a date. Anyone else feel inadequate because they've never been on a date? I should have already dated in my teenage years... *sigh*.
  3. "Mystery" the main dude.. isn't that good looking either. But there is something mysterious about him. lol he and his posse remind me of vampires for some reason!
  4. well i guess technique isn't the right word.. he just knows how to be confident and witty. he knows what to tell women. lol
  5. Yes.. I hate how I've never dated at my age. Its embarrassing.
  6. actually the nerdy guys end up with some hotties. check out the preview in my link..
  7. It's a show on VH1 where this guy teaches guys how to get girls. Have any of you seen it? I'm going to watch it each week because women are my weakness. Today, I broke down and cried for 30 min. over my appearance and also because of how I hate my life.