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  1. Researchers have recently figured out how to give mice acne. Through genetic engineering and the use of silicone tubes implanted in the skin.
  2. This guy's skin was cleared where he was treated with irradiation........ it also killed his hair though.
  3. So I saw my derm today and brought up this treatment. He told me that cancer patients who receive radiation therapy are completely and permanently absent of sebaceous glands after treatment. I guess radiation therapy was used way back when to treat acne but the risks outweighed the positives. Apparently patients who are devoid of the sebaceous glands after radiation don't present acneform eruptions typical of certain cancer meds. Interesting to say the least. I have done a quick search onli
  4. Brian, I tend to agree with you, at least in part. It is my belief that the purpose of the sebaceous glands are minimal. I don't perceive there would be any long term issues that would arise from undergoing the Kobyashi method. It is my understanding that children are at a greater risk for fungal infection, etc due to a lack of sebum. These issues are really not a problem with proper hygiene. I fully intend to go forward with the Kobyashi method. What many fail to understand is that long s