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    clear skin, coffee, sunsets, writing, romance, happiness, pretty things =)
  1. hoofy help. my hair is falling out :*( i'm in hell

  2. Hi everyone.. I'm beginning my third month tomorrow, and i have horrible news..ive been losing so much hair that i actually might have to stop tane. has anyone had this problem? i'm so confused because i literally start crying as i brush my hair and a TON comes out.. and then i start crying when i think of discontinuing the medication and looking like this forever.. but where do i draw the line with the hair loss? every time i touch my hair at least 10 hairs come out.. and in the shower i lose a
  3. whats up girl, hope your holding up alright

  4. i find that very hard to believe.. once a cutie always a cutie ;)

  5. DAY 49 Now i think i'm losing my hair, despite my efforts to supplement to prevent that.. my hairdresser said yesterday that my hair is weak and thin and to get off the medication immediately. SO NOW WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO???????? IVE BEEN HYPERVENTILATING FOR HOURS NOW AND I CANT TAKE IT ANYMOREEEEEE.. im having crying spells like crazy helpppppppppppppppp
  6. haha.. rodd.. if you saw me now you would feel differently

  7. yeah.. what hoofy said :P

  8. Jacob-- Always enjoy reading your posts.. i'm going to reply back on your wall DAY 44 UGH, SO FRUSTRATED TODAY. losing faith losing hope and already lost self-esteem.. i'm the first to try to be positive but its only getting worseeeeeeeee =**( as soon as i think its getting better, it explodes.. i'm red and swollen beyond belief.. my lips are bleeding because they cracked so bad and i picked at them.. and i have to go to classes ALL day tomorrow from 730-5.. shoot me now when will this all be
  9. Maybe you should put your picture up so everyoneee can drool

  10. lookin damn good kev.. ;)

  11. Hey Hoofy =) I saw your pics and I feel your pain.. but a lot of it just looks like red marks, not bad at all compared to what it could be!.. at least theyre not all painful cysts- i have about the same thing.. lots of marks mixed with cysts- And I have the tane "burn" thing too.. its like my entire cheek is a patch of red... what a relief to know i'm not the only one and no, my bf has still never seen me completely makeup free.. after a day at the beach in the sun and the water, im sure almo