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  1. i've got the exact same thing going on! i hope you get more replies to this thread.
  2. man, people don't just stare at me, they freaking gawk. it's ridiculous. i just try to ignore it, and think of kicking them in the face. send them bad vibes.
  3. after using tazorac for a few days, i get a really bad rash.. like red, shiny, inflamed all over my face. would it help to use it only every second night, or maybe less? would it still be effective in treating my acne (currently a faceful of whiteheads and tiny zits)?
  4. i use a tea tree oil bar soap, and an olve oil/aloe/vitamin e bar soap. i lather my hands up and gently scrub my face that way, instead of using anything harsh. so far, so good.
  5. would brushing your teeth after drinking the apple cider vinegar reduce the effect on your enamel? i've been downing two tablespoons twice a day for nearly a week, and i've definately noticed an improvement on my face, but the thought of killing my teeth is frightening.. i don't dilute it because i would rather knock back two tablespoons of the stuff than drink a whole glass of vinegary-tasting water.
  6. i stopped using the creams (clindoxyl, solugel, tazorac) and the spectrogel cleanser. it's extremely tempting to use them ('just a tiny bit on that one spot'..), but i think i really need to make sure my skin is healed more before i introduce them back. i wash my face twice a day with tree tree oil soap followed by olive oil/aloe/vitamin e soap, then apply jojoba oil to the dry patches/spots. i take minocycline twice daily, and down two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar twice daily. my whiteh
  7. i got some tea tree oil soap, jojoba oil and lavender soap, and aloe, olive oil, and vitamin e soap. are these as effective as, say, using the actual oils? or am i wasting my time washing my face with these? i'm currently trying to fight off an awful red, dry, painful rash (caused by over-using medicated creams, i'm assuming). any commercial moisturizer stings like hell. should i consider using olive oil to moisturize? thanks.
  8. thank you very much. at the moment, i need something to soothe my face. it's gotten a sheen of dry/redness, and it hurts like hell. i'm washing with warm water and tea tree oil soap, which feels nice while i'm washing, but immediately afterwards, i feel flushed and it hurts to move my mouth. i've been reading about jojoba oil as a good moisturizer.. think i should give that a shot? as i said, applying normal moisturizing lotion irritates my skin right now. i've starting holding a cold compr
  9. i'm a transgendered male (female-to-male transsexual), so stopping the testostorone injections is not an option. i'm very much aware that this is why my acne has gotten so bad; it's a common problem among transgendered males who use hormones (you are essentially going through male puberty). i'm going to ask my doctor about decreasing the amount (currently 150cc every second week). i don't do dairy, so that's not a problem. fish oil is a no, since i don't consume animal products. i drink a
  10. so, i suppose i should start by explaining that i've been receiving injections of testostorone for about a year and a half now, and i never had really bad acne until about six months ago. after i started the testostorone, i got some pretty nasty zit breakouts, but now.. well, my pores are huge, i guess. my face is pretty much covered in whiteheads, especially around my chin, jawline, and neck. most of them are from hair follicles. i have a few large zits. i currently have a very large, painful