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  1. OH SNAP ITS THE REVOLUTION SON! this might be the one wonder pill that we've all been looking for, broccoMax i mean... i ordered 2 bottles HANCHO HOLD ME ~ I can't wait to get them dam pills.. that and my starcraft battle chest, ff 11 + expansions, ragnarok comics volume 1-10, and my roomie's masters of orion 2... what can i say, i'm a kid at heart
  2. well i think different people have different things that make them break out. for me if i drink milk (but i can still eat cheese and yogurt and butter and stuff) or eat shrimp, then my face will break out. Also i just found a new one lol coffee for me breaks me out too. just recently my face was completely clear, then i started drinking a cup or 2 of coffee a day, and my face broke out. Meh i stopped drinking coffee and now my face is well on its way to being clear again (no new zits, just a
  3. yeah i could not look people in the eye when i had bad ance. it was weird. but now that my skin is clear i can look people in the eye. i guess its a self-concious thing. oh well
  4. yeah man hey i started 3 months ago and my body has definately improved. i only gained 5 lbs though, but its because i also lost fat. the best part of my body now is my chest, it really develped fast. but i still wanna increase the size of my biceps. they are pretty good now, but i want them bigger. of course the abs are tough, but now you can kinda see my 6 pack, but still there is a little fat over them. and it is very important to take breaks, like dont work out everyday if you wanna do
  5. i got my first zit at age 13, and it was a tiny little thing on my nose, lol my mom said, your getting a pimple, your face is gonna be f*cked in a few years! i said ok... anyway she was right. now im 18 and thanks to drugs and creams, im clear but that was the worst 5 years of my life, and my teen years too! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. yeah i agree with emmanuel, i mean sometimes i get a pimple behind my ear and when i scratch it feels sooooo gooood... like an orgasm or something, something about the nerves being inflammed so its really sensitive
  7. anywhere on your face is the worst, if people can see them then it sucks. i used to get them all around my jaw and chin, it sucked ass.
  8. yeah my gf has really nice skin, she gets a pimple like once or twice a year. when we first met my skin was really fucked up, seriously, it sucked. i had bad cystic acne and everything. anyway she was cool, unlike those other girls that didnt even wanna talk to me, she was a good friend. when we started dating i still had bad zits, and once she told me about the egg and lime thing you put on your face, whatever i never did it. anyway the months pased and i started using tetracycline along
  9. yeah i know how you feel man. when i had bad zits, all these girls would turn me down and shit, only a few girls would talk to me. but now that im clear, and ive been working out, all these girls are becoming attracted to me and shit. i felt like you did at first, i felt repulsed by them, specially when i realized that they only like me because of my looks. i dont really feel that way anymore, but i still dont give them the time of day (unless i want something from them, like test answers
  10. rubb fecal matter on my face? well its better than eating raw garlic... LOL
  11. heh yeah my friend says that im metro, because i use moisturizer. recently i started working out, and im trying to show off so im wearing smaller shirts... yeah my friends call me metry... :roll:
  12. hey i used to have the same problem as you bro. sometimes i still do feel a little down, but there is something that is helping me alot im working out. alot! i even bought that protein supplement and creatine monohydrate. i look good all over, but im still trying to gain some more weight anyway, last time i went to school (friday) i knew i was looking good, and there is this girl that i have had an eye on all year. at the beggining of the year she wasnt paying attention to me, b