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  1. Wash your face then steam it for 5 minutes (bowl of hot water with towel over your head) this will open up your pores. Dab skin dry then apply a clay mask to the skin (fullers earth mixed with neem powder and water is what I have used in the past when I had this issue) and leave it on till it's dry. This should help draw the impurities to the surface and you may need to extract them when they show a head. Always disinfect after picking a zit. Do the steam and mask once or twice weekly. I notice
  2. Face mask not wash.

    I used to use this product a couple of years ago. This is great as a face mask 3 times a week to clear zits but not as a daily face wash. It's too harsh / abrasive which caused my skin to get too dry. I can live without this product.