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  1. Hi, im in singapore too. Which dr do you do your subcision? Thanks
  2. Hi all, would like to ask. I did juvederm filler under my scars on 14 July. On 10 Aug, the doctor wants to do intracel. Would it be fine to do it after filler? I am just concerned the filler will be destroyed with the heat from intracel. Please kindly advise. thanks!
  3. Hi, Sorry to jump into this topic. Currently my derm only has Intracel instead of Infini. So you're saying Intracel is better than Infini? Thanks!
  4. Lol, why my thread was moved to The Lounge when it’s about acne scars?
  5. I’m not sure if someone discussed this before, but recently in Asia there has been a sudden increase of popularity of this thing called REJURAN, Originated from South korea made from Salmon dna. they claim it as Skin repair instead of a filler as it’s not for facial augmentation but for aging reversal, acne scars, etc. detailed web : http://[link removed]/ I haven’t seen this before just wondering if someone have any thoughts on this? currently it’s priced at around 500-800 USD per
  6. Thanks for the reply BA. Actually to clarify my doctor wants to do filler for my depressed cheeks as I have sunken cheeks on both side. she said this will be injected far below the skin (near cheek bones?) by using JUVEDERM. in that case, any INFini RF Will not effect this type of filler right? thanks
  7. Hi guys, i have contacted BA before via PM and he recommended me to do : 1) tca cross 2) subcision +filler 3) infini RF currently I’m on process for no 1) and 2) - excluding filler. Since my current doctor doesn’t have infini RF, i have to find different doctor who does it (which i already did). However my question are: 1) if i did subcision + filler and let’s say 1-1.5 months later I’ll do Infini RF, will the infini destroy the filler inside my skin? 2) once i get filler, can i stil
  8. Sorry to bump this topic again, can i know who's the doctor 19lee referring to in singapore? would like to know as well. thanks!