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  1. If you are looking for good blendability, try Urban Decay e/s. It is very "soft" in the pan because it has 3x the amount of pigments as other eyeshadow brands, so you use less and it is easier to blend. (Beware, though, as it is also easier to break if you drop it.) I would use this brand myself more often but I am starting to dislike any glitter/shimmer in my eyeshadow and Urban Decay seems to have only a very few matte e/s colors.
  2. Lancome or Dior, depending on what type of look I'm going for.
  3. Mac eye shadows over Urban Decay's eye shadow primer potion.
  4. ^^^ Can you clarify a little better? Are you using moisturizer under the powder? Do you exfoliate regularly? Those are the only things that immediately come to mind...
  5. ^^^ Yep, that is exactly what it is called. I'm really liking it so far!
  6. I don't understand the homophobic tendencies either. Seems weird to me that anyone would actually care about the gender of the person someone else is having sex with. I wish I had that much extra time to waste on unimportant details...
  7. Get a sample of Philosophy Clear Makeup* and try that as a makeup primer underneath your foundation. (I wouldn't use colorstay over this, though.) Seems to really help hold makeup on longer, stop oxidation, and minimize pores. Be sure to get and follow instructions, though. When they say wait 2 minutes before applying foundation, they mean it. *Disclaimer: I do not know if this product causes breakouts or not. I just started trying it about 4 weeks ago and haven't personally had any is
  8. I understand now....it's not that you never say anything funny, its just that you have a very dry sense of humour. are you english per chance? ←
  9. I've never even responded to you Clara...how can you say I have a grudge against you?? I've seen your posts on other racial issues, and I question the motivation behind some of your comments in this thread..... Considering your history, perhaps you may do well to steer away from making comments on race. ←
  10. I'd also like clarification on what types of foundation everyone is referring to -- powder or liquid? Personally, I put my concealer on after (liquid) foundation. Otherwise, even if I let it dry and use a light hand with my brush or sponge, the concealer still ends up being wiped around. I don't see the other way being very effective at all.
  11. You do have to admit, it is getting to be pretty damn ridiculous (though the entertainment value is priceless):
  12. ^ Do you use that sunscreen under makeup, and if so, does it feel greasy or make you look shiny? Thanks for the info!
  13. Educated, or claiming to be educated in order to feel more important about ones pathetic little life? What a sad, empty little existance you must have. I almost feel sorry for you, Doctor Model Makeup Artist. PS - I can't wait to see what new "credentials" you list next!
  14. ^ Um... why don't you try Google.com?
  15. I used to have this problem too, and eventurally realized it was caused by getting my sunblock/moisturiser into my eyes when I applied my foundation afterward. It didn't seem to matter how carefully I applied the sunblock or the makeup, or how long I let the sunblock soak in beforehand, it always made me look bloodshot and teary eyed. As soon as I switched to using an eye cream (Clarins brand) specifically for the eye area and then regular sunblock everywhere else , the problem immediately stop