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  1. Si he visto asian beauty! What sunscreen are you using? I'm looking for one that isn't super greasy but doesn't contain alcohol or irritants.
  2. Hi all! I have a very damaged skin barrier. It feels dry, even though I live in Puerto Rico and it's super humid here. Also, it gets extremely oily during the day which causes large cystic breakouts. For a month and a half I've been relentlessly hydrating my skin but I haven't been able to heal it to even close to the way it once was. I had damaged my skin barrier from no sun protection, 10% BP and no moisturizer which caused me to get some acne so I was prescribed tretinoin. This abso
  3. Couldn’t disagree more I believe what you eat and put into your body has a massive impact on acne prone skin. From personal experience changing my diet led to a huge improvement in my acne. I wouldn't say a massive impact but it varies from person to person. Anyway if he didn't change anything about his diet (except eating an oreo), it wouldn't cause a massive breakout after having consistently good skin.
  4. TRUST ME. The food you eat is not going to have a very big impact. The oreo DEFINITELY is not the cause. Don't worry too much about what you eat, just make an effort to make your diet healthier because it's good for you and it is better for your skin. Try to limit dairy and simple carbs. But, diet will not cause acne. I became a back sleeper so I wouldn't touch my face to the pillow. It probably doesn't effect it too much but I wanted to be sure. What has helped me is making sure my skin is cl
  5. Wow these ARE great videos. I changed my skincare routine to be a more natural. I am cleansing with Cetaphil, using apple cider vinegar as a toner, and jojoba oil as a moisturizer. I still have very oily skin but I am hoping to improve over the next month...
  6. I can't really recommend any except the Cetaphil cleanser. Obagi has good sunscreens that has helped a little with my oil because they make my skin matted for a little bit but they're really expensive, I got mine from a friend. Not worth the money and it doesn't fight acne.
  7. No. I use cetaphil, neutrogena oil free moisturizer, and sometimes a 50 spf matte sunscreen from obagi. At night I use gold bond healing lotion on my face. That looks like a really good moisturizer. I am going to try using jojoba oil (the main ingredient in that product) instead of shipping it from India because I live in Puerto Rico and I don't want to wait that long...
  8. I'm cleansing, I'm moisturizing, I'm even toning my skin sometimes. I'm taking way better care of my skin then I have ever done in my entire life and I still have oily skin. I've heard that tretinoin can cause oily skin for months after stopping use. It's been 3 months since I stopped. I don't know how many more months it's gonna be but it's driving me absolutely crazy!! I have a feeling it's behind a lot of my acne too, all the oil sitting on my skin clogging my pores.
  9. Hey man, thanks for the reply. I'll look into clay masks. I do have a neutrogena oil free moisturizer that I have been using. Not sure if that's what you're referring to, but it is not supposed to make your skin oily. My skin will dry out using this moisturizer though, especially if I'm using acne products and my skin will react by producing oil. I have used a heavier moisturizer before too, and this will also make my skin oily. I live in Puerto Rico and it's really hot so it becomes a mess!
  10. When I first started treating my acne I used 10% benzoyl peroxide. It made my skin pretty dry, irritated, and shiny. When my acne became more severe, I started Retin-A. I used sunscreen in the morning because I live in Puerto Rico and Retin-A makes you much more sensitive to the sun. The Retin-A dried and irritated my skin and this with the large amount of sunscreen in the morning made it horribly greasy. After this, I went full caveman and didn't do anything to my face for a while. I'm sur
  11. Hi. This is my first post on this website so sorry if i'm not totally familliar with the terminology and whatnot. Basically I have gotten several cysts over the past month and I am confused about the best way to treat them and basically what to do. I have a scar that is healing from one that I stupidly popped about a month ago, but I think it is a brown mark and I want to know what the best way to make it go away faster is! It is very prominent and I hate it. On my chin I have a black lookin