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  1. Thanks to everyone who replyed to help!! So what I did was bought some clear duct tape and just duct taped it under. you couldnt even tell there was any it looked like the dress was an actual bubble dress and it stayed like that all night even during dancing for hourssss lol thanks everyone!!
  2. nope because mine has sequins on the bottom so its too heavy
  3. Thanks for your reply! I know HOW to do it but I don't know how to make it stay that way. I don't want to use like a glue because I want to be able to take it back down. And I don't want to get another dress because I really like this one :]
  4. K so I got this dress thats a bit ti big for me and its somewhat like this with that extra material at the bottom that idk hugs your legs i guess DRESS BEFORE but I'd rather turn it like this. DRESS AFTER I dont know how to sew and I dont have time to go get it done either. So any qucik and easy tips? The dress fabric is also silky like the AFTER dress. But on the bottom part that I want folded underneath, there are sequins that I dont want scratching the crap out of my legs either if I di decid
  5. Yeah I think about that alot like when I'm older how am I going to look at my future "husband" when we wake up in morning next to eachother if I dont have makeup on. I guess since they married you, they married YOU and dont care about that stuff. but anywayss, I would just clean your face before bed then wake up before he does and put on some light makeup. I do that at sleepovers
  6. okay yeah I don't know what exactly was going on with my skin that day but I've been using the bronzer almost daily without much problems. Thanks everyone
  7. I use it in the 2nd to lightest shade and it doesnt break me out. Only in photos sometimes I can look really pale though because the sunscreen reflects the flash which sucks but oh well thats what bronzer/blush is for
  8. you can always shave it. What I do sometimes is use benzoyl peroxide cleanser as a shaving cream and shave downwards. dont go up because that'll irritate your skin.
  9. Okay so I normally wear blush but decided to go back to bronzer because I like the look better. Why would I cover my redness with foundation just to add more redness on top? I prevously used Bare N Minerals Warmth Bronzer but it was breaking me out. SOOO Last night I used the Rimmel and as the night went on I touched my face and felt a new pimple coming on. I'm not sure if it was caused by this or what the deal is. Has anyone else used this and if so did it cause you any problems? Or, is there
  10. MAC's Prep+Prime. hmm. Its confusing for me. I bought two bottles and used it ALL last year with the MAC Studio FIx Fluid. The 1st bottle I used end of summer and all of winter. In the winter it seemed to make my dry spots MORE dry. Then I used the 2nd bottle Summer of 08' and it made me oily faster during the day when I DID wear it. SO, I'm not so sure on that product.. But for now I'm only using Aloe Vera gel. btw, Monistat broke me out too..
  11. Did anyone ever come up to you to comment on your foundation? I'm scared someone might yell out something in front of everyone about my makeup being too dark/too light. How embarrassing. nopee. and when I asked my friends and ppl, they said it looked fine. I think they didnt really notice since I wore it everyday and they were used to seeing it. Except my sister, who said it sometimes looked like i Had mud on my face but I'm pretty sure she was talking about my bronzer... But now that I've
  12. I third the L'Oreal True Match. I've tried Soooo many drugstore brands and this is my favorite :]
  13. I used it and it broke me out. ( It all depends on how your skin reacts with it..
  14. I'd rather it be too light like everyone else is saying. Last year, I used MAC in the lightest shade all year long and finally realized it was too orange for my skin. eeek. so I bought some loreal tru match and really like it. Yay.