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  1. I am wondering Sword, if you will try and tan it out evenly. I felt that when I started to tan some 2 years after my dermabrasion it smoothed out but yeah, you can still see a small difference in color on my jaw too. I am more confident about my face though than ever, plus for girls we can hide our neck with our hair. Sometimes when my neck is exposed I feel that someone could be wondering what the hell is wrong with my jawline. Dr. Y dermabrasion Nov. 2004 Possibly looking for one more!!
  2. Wow! I haven't been on here since my dermabrasion with Dr. Y almost 2 years ago. I am very happy with my results. It has definately changed my life to what I wanted to do and such without being paranoid about my face. I must say that I congrats to everyone who has had the same success. I could not have done it without this forum and people whoa re going through the same process. I will eventually go back to Dr. Y for more punch floats. I still have small ice picks. I think one mo
  3. Question: Has anyone had a spot dermabrasion done by Dr. Yarborough?
  4. I love the fact that I had a dermabrasion done 9 months ago. But there is 3-4 months down time meaning having a redness to the face for 6 mths. But I have less scars than before and in another year afteer my skin is not sensitive, I will do one more for icepick scars. It was worth everything b/c your skin on face is what you must look at every day.
  5. But I had tanned with 30 spf sunblock on!! do not recommend to tan if you are still within 6 months post derma.
  6. Just to answer some questions... My skin is the same as before dermabrasion in color. It is a little but more oily it seems but maybe b/c it is summer but sad to say I have tanned a few times and I tanned just beautifully!! Of course tans fade and mine did perfectly in a normal way. I just have a slight discoloration where the dermabrasion stops at my jawline I geuss my face is lighter hard to say exactly why the line. I am looking towards having one more dermabrasion but not for a while.
  7. I am post derma almost 9 months and believe me, my asian friends... it takes a little longer to heal. Remember Dr. Y said it would take a whole year to see the actual result. I have a samll demarcation line around my jaw but unoticable. I could hardly see any red around the 5th month.
  8. Hi Stephen, remember me? I was the asian girl you saw who had the dermabrasion in November w/ Dr. Y. It has been 6 mths and I am just now confident enough not too worry about my redness and demarcation lines around the jaw, so it takes some time but people mostly thougth it was a sunburn. It is all worth it in the end. I had milia too when I was healing and ended up getting a small icepick scar from one of them on my cheek but overall all my big noticeable ones are gone forever!!!
  9. I am almost at 5 months post derm on Apr. 9th. I am thinking about a second one within the next 2 yrs. It had improved 75% of my scars (around). But I did leave out some ice picks that I would like to take care of. The healing is deffiucult and I am still healing myslef... even after 4 1/2 mths. I get a little red when I wash my face and I am asian and have a slight brownish spot on my jawbone that seems to fade more and more each month... It is still healing so I do not use the bleach! Ove
  10. Did anyone try the Tri-luma skin bleach prescribed by Dr. Y? I am at 11 weeks. This is probably too early for the bleach but I have red spots on my jaw and thought I saw someone using it at this stage. Well, after two nights, it started to burn so I saw a dermatologist in my area and she said to wait a few more months. I hope this hasn't messed up my pigmentation... even though it is itchy and redder it seems. It has 3 proucts in it: one being the bleach and another being retin A. I am hop
  11. Question: Does anyone think that you can punch float a scar that has already been punch floated? What if the punched scar is still an indention but shallower, could you get it punched again? This is my case for about 3-4 scars. All much shallower but when I decide to do another derm on the cheeks I think the best result comes from the punches, therefore I think you should get as many as you can before the procedure.
  12. I am very thrilled for you John!! I remember you had inspired me to go. I am very pleased I did and I am at 3 mths. Yet it is true, everyone heals differently. I am still a little reddish under my jawline but am very happy and will wait another year before planning my next dermabrasin with Dr. Y.
  13. do noy be alarmed with the raised scar post dermabrasion. one of mine was raised but has gone down to the surface. It took 5 weeks before i realized it was not a problem anymore. so be careful of feeling this is the end result.
  14. Sorry Dolmal and everyone else for leaving ya'll hanging. I am back from my Christmas break. Well, it has been 7 weeks tomorrow since my dermabrasion, almost 2 months. I had a few people say hey look at your sunburn but you just have to think about the outcome and be good to your healing self. I am still reddish after the shower and when I end up getting hot form running around but I noticed alot of it had subsided in the last week. And spots that were a light brownish color I had worried a
  15. Hey Misty and everyone else who is interested in Dr. Y's techniques!! Tomorrow is a week post my full face dermabrasion. I am relieved it went well. I was very swollen the first 3 days but healed so quickly after... amazing. Like Dr. Y says I see much improvement, not perfection but am so happy that I went to him. I even met some cool people who also under went the procedure. There we were in New Orleans looking crazier than the voodooers but it was fun and had a nice dinner before I return