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  1. Wow it does sound like you've been enjoying a lot of drinks. I haven't really felt any side effects from drinking other than me feeling guilty afterwards. Then again I'm on day 12 though so I don't really expect anything just yet. So far for me, accutane has been wonderful! It feels great looking in the mirror the next morning and not having anything active. I also do wonder about people who naturally have great skin how they feel. Then again I'm like "hmmm, could they have taken accutan
  2. Good luck in your pursuit! I am 25 I know the feeling of being older and still having breakouts. Thanks for keeping a log too as it benefits all of us. I wish you the best of luck in having clearer healthier skin. Along with that, I wish you the best of luck in life as well.
  3. I've followed your log for the past couple days reading up on stuff. Good to hear you are seeing the light! I'm on day 3 and things are going pretty well. Nothing to report. I get scared when reading about the whole hair loss and other crazy side effects. I hope you continue on with your progress/pursuit for healthier and better skin. Continue looking up and having a positive attitude! It's good to read a log that I can relate to. I've been told I am handsome, but I feel ugly when my ski
  4. The antibiotics definitely clear me up. The only problem with taking them is that you don't want to be taking them for the rest of your life to stay clear. Although antibiotics help with acne, they do kill the good bacteria in your stomach. I would suggest having a yogurt at night to replace the good bacteria back in your stomach. I have also read that a lot of adult acne is caused by a poor digestion system. By having a yogurt at night, it will help replace the good bacteria and also keep
  5. My regimen has been ok as of the past couple days. I have 2 new breakouts (cystic acne) on my lower left jaw). The tonight I got another one on my right temple. Sucks because I thought I was starting to clear up again. I have been pretty stressed lately though and not getting so much sleep. Errrr, just when I thought I found something, my face starts acting up again. Ahhh, not necessary back to square one again, but geez, I thought I found something good. I was starting to feel so happy t
  6. Thanks babowc! Yeah those were probably one of my worst days. Things have gotten a lot better since. I'm just waiting for some of my old acne to fade. Mainly using retin-a and exfoliating to help with the cell turnover. What I found really helps is going back to Oxy products. I had great success with them before but don't remember why I quit using them. I like to think of treating acne two ways. One from the inside, being prevention and one from the outside, treatment of active pimples.
  7. New day. Still looking clear! w00t! Anyways I'm starting to get to that feeling that maybe I don't need all this stuff anymore and that I am cleared. Still taking the vitamins, I've been slacking on washing my face though but thats because it's the weekend. Wow I think I really found something! - Mike
  8. OK new stuff. I know I haven't updated in a while. After a breakout I usually come back to the site which I did last week. New info: I am pretty much clear! What has helped me: Oxy Chill Factor Oxy Salicylic Acid Psyllium Husk Fiber What I am doing now: Wake up: Shower/Shave Go back and shower again: Oxy Salicylic Acid Put Oxy Chill Factor and leave it on for 15 minutes Eat then take vitamins. These are the ones I'm taking: Flax Seed, Multi-Vitamin, Grape Seed Extract (anti-oxidant),
  9. Browsing through the site which I usually do when I have a bad break out, I decided to use this regimen. Although it's something different, I decided to give it a try. It definitely helped cleared me up. It's been about a week and I haven't really had any seriously pimples come up (knock on wood). I have changed things up a little bit, but the basics is pretty much in line with what bf said. Just a little background info. I am 24, male and have had mainly breakouts since college. I've u
  10. So things are going a lot better! Here is my current regimen: Morning Wash DK face wash Beta Hydroxyl Acid 2% (worked well with my sister, working very good with me) DuAC Paula's Choice Mattifying Sunscreen (nice because it doesn't make my skin feel oily) Night Wash DK face wash Beta Hydroxyl Acid 2% Retin-A Paula's Choice Mattifying Anti-Oxidant Yeah I'll get a few pimples in my breakout area but nothing to bad. The only thing I hate now is shaving. For some reason I've always had probl
  11. You're so hot.. lol

  12. Day 5: So I talked to my derm today and he told me the following: - A retinoid should be the corner stone of any acne fighting regimen - Get off the antibiotics - (I've been using antibiotics for about 3 years) He said by now it's probably lost it's effectiveness and at most is acting now as an anti-inflammatory So here is my current regimen: Morning: Wash face with wash rag (Using DK face wash) Stringent Neutrogena Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid BenAC (basically Benzaclin; BenAC has 5% Benzoy
  13. Day 3: Morning: Same as all other days Night: Same as all other days I've been wearing a face mask on my forward and temples when I'm at home. I feel that my face is so oily there that I need it. Anyways no new breakouts, but I do feel one growing on the left side of my temple. Hopefully it won't be that big of a problem. Doxycycline has been working good so far. As for the retin-a I'm experiencing a little peeling out, not much though. My face seems to be red a lot more though in cert
  14. Day 2: Yesterday I got my DK acne set. The face wash is pretty good! I was very impressed. Also the Benzoyl Peroxide was very good as well. I'm not being into the moisturizer though but have never been that big into moisturizer because it makes my face feel greasy (while my face is greasy enough). No new break outs. Wake up: Washed face with DK face wash Stringent Neutrogena Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid Applied a face mask but just to my forehead and temples (my problem areas)
  15. So heres what I'm doing: Morning: Wash face (Dove bar) Stringent Neutrogena Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning Morning: 100 mg. Doxycycline Night: 100 mg. Doxycycline Night: Wash face (Dove bar) Stringent Neutrogena Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid Retin-A all over face at night Problem Areas: Temples of the side of my face, lower right side of mouth region. Background: I am 23 and have had acne for the past 5 years. It's been a roller coaster with breaking out someti