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  1. If you give up masturbation dont you also have to give up sex then? I doubt masturbation every now and then triggers acne. I found excessive masturbation can give you pimples though. But then again, too much of anything is bad for you...... so just masturbate occasionally
  2. Use the face wash on your face. The body wash might be too harsh for the face. I use the body wash and it did stop the back acne for me. If it dries up your face, you should use a mild moisturizer a few minutes after you use it.
  3. Congratz!! I'm glad you have found your cure. Has it been this effective on anyone else??
  4. For cystic type acne, I would change the diet. Try giving up dairy products and see what happens. If you drink coffee, stop drinking it and see what happens. Drink tea instead but don't put milk or cream. Avoid food that are processed as much as possible (I get cystic type acne within a week when i eat processed food). Eat cooked food. If you do decide to eat fast food, get a grilled sandwich or something haha. Wash pillow case every week since you sleep on your stomach. I'm just telling you the
  5. For those suffering from mild acne and occasional cyst type pimples should consider using Phisoderm Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash. It has helped my skin very much in the last 3 weeks of use. The 2% salicylic acid seems to help keep my mild acne away. Also it has helped stop those under the skin cyst type pimples i get every now and then. I just wanted to share this information just in case anyone was looking for a decent face wash. I couldnt find this product at any retail store. The best place t
  6. If it's severe convince ur dermatologist that u should go on accutane. washing ur face or creams won't help much if the acne is very severe.. cure it from the inside. I've seen ppl with very very severe acne and literally within 6months they are 90% clear if not completely clear.. if acne is hurting ur life this much, take affirmative action.. stay patient and don't give up hope. You will surely get ur life back soon. Take care and good luck
  7. I just ordered those two things: the cleanser and the moisturizer. I've heard good things about them! Hope to see some good results
  8. I found that masturbating every single day does make breakouts more susceptible. Now i try to limit it to only once or twice a week, and the breakouts seemed to have come in control. I'd not say no to sex everyday though lol... but im single so limiting masturbation to once or twice a week is doable for me.. Also I take zinc 50mg daily.. it helps keep hormones balanced
  9. Thanks a lot priceless.. I will definitely go and buy the avalon cleanser, because the current one i think has some chemicals. Its st ives apricot cleanser or something like that. Also thanks for informing me about the cortisone shots done by spas. I never thought they'd be offering those!! I really appreciate it. The cyst has basically disappeared now. Its been like 3 weeks so i guess it ran its full course. I did start to take the zinc 50mg per day and i think it did sped up the recovery proce
  10. There isnt a easy way for it to just disappear once it is already inflamed. You can do what the above person said, ice it when you feel it coming up, take ibuprofen, etc. But to stop them from coming, you can take zinc 50mg per day. You're body might be deficient in zinc. Zinc can also heal the cyst faster. You can take Allicin capsules (make sure its a brand that has allisure).. Take these capsules twice a day morning and night. You can also buy Turmeric powder from any Indian store, take 1
  11. Thanks girlie.. I started drinking the turmeric powder mixed in hot water. Its not really bad, I can take the taste. Lets see how this works out. Hopefully i'll wont get another of those cysts from drinking this stuff! I'm also taking 50mg of zinc everyday.. Heard its supposed to help with cysts. I ordered the Allicin capsules from Alligin company.. It didnt arrive yet.. I'll take 2 of those everyday morning and night. (i found eating raw garlic cloves to be very challenging, so im just gon
  12. Thanks hollisticgirl for that amazing info. I went and did some research on Allicin, and found that eating raw garlic cloves will give me the allicin! So.... I actually took 2 raw garlic cloves, crushed them, popped em in my mouth and chased it with vegetable juice! haha it was pretty nasty but we'll see how the allicin helps. I plan to eat about 3-4 of these bad boys for about a month (if i can take that damn smell)!! -_- Then i'll cut it down to just 1-2 or switch to the Allicin pills. Gi
  13. Thank you for those suggestions dermarollers123! I already avoid peanut butter, cheese, fast food and all other junks. BUT 2 weeks ago i remember eating a snicker bar with almonds and some other chocolate candy with coconut. I also had some greasy chinese food (egg foo young) that week The cyst appeared about a day after that. So i'm pretty sure one of these things has initiated the pimple. I will avoid these things completely and see how long I go without another one coming up. Holisticg
  14. I'm 22. So i guess thats adul acne?. I don't have insurance so I can't get prescribed antibiotics. :[ Or accutane not that I'd need that for 1-2 of these every couple of months. I wouldn't mind taking it though if it'll prevent them from coming. so fAr it looks like there is no easy way of curing them. The icing reduces the cyst for a bit but that's about it. Tue cyst seem to stay its regular size for atleast a week and a half. Does anyone know if a physician can inject cortisone if you requ
  15. I'll tell you something... I'm a Muslim, and every year when i fast for a whole month during Ramadan, I'd literally stop getting pimples that month. (I would eat one meal at sunset and just snacked before sunrise) the rest of the day I wouldnt eat or drink anything. But of course you arent fasting for religious reasons, so drink water and eat fruits or w/e you think is necessary. The rest of the year, i'd always have 1 or 2 pimples lingering around on my face every week. BUT during that one mo