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  1. Update 8+ months since stopping accutane! My skin is just as clear as it was, even with bad diet and lifestyle and not washing as often as I should at times. The redness from accutane has gone I think. So far so good. I hope it's permanent! I've been getting steroid injections for my keloid chest scars. Started in April, then in June, and then yesterday. I think they are working, but it's a slow and long term process. They have softened them and reduced the size of them. Some more than others.
  2. Whoa.. I've only been away from this thread for a few weeks and wtffffff.. your skin has completely changed. It looks pretty much clear now! Congrats
  3. Hey, I remember your post in September. I can't believe it's been 6 months already! That's incredible news! It's life changing for sure, and it's a relief to know all of the negatives were worth the positives for you too. It's great that he's clear at 14, nice and early! I wish I had gotten on accutane in my teens too. Would've saved me wasting time on all of the antiobiotics and topicals. I'm glad I inspired you guys and made a difference like that. Crazy! I had 1-2 lingering ones that
  4. My next derm appointment was on Thursday. I had my first steroid injection for a keloid scar on my chest. My derm has a negative view of steroid injections - she warned me that it can discolour/hyperpigment the skin, make it wrinkly, or turn a keloid (hard/sticking out) into the opposite (a crater-like indented scar). So she advised if I wanted to go through with it that we experiment with just 1 scar for now, and if it has good results then we'll inject the others too, eventually including the
  5. When I was 16-18 I had cystic acne. From 18-23 I didn't really have it, until the first week I took accutane last summer. They were painful huge lumps. It's normal I think. It sucked big time, but it was worth it in the end
  6. Scars/redness visible after exercise/sweating:
  7. My face still stays red for a while after blushing. And after running/sweating, my face looks redder than it used to. Not bad, but still noticeable Still no breakouts so far. Been almost 4 months now. Where did the time go? My next derm appointment is on 26th April. Hopefully I can get the keloid scar injections. My chest keloids from years ago still get itchy. Drier skin from accutane doesn't help
  8. I used to be the same as you following a strict lifestyle. It helped quite a bit, but like you I still broke out. My skin was still bad by most standards, despite doing everything I could for it. I went on accutane July-December 2017. I ate healthily for the first month or so, but after that I allowed myself to eat badly, partly because I wanted to see what happened, but also because I didn't want to be so strict anymore. Result: I don't get breakouts anymore. It's crazy. My skin used to get e
  9. I wash with water only, n moisturise with plain vaseline. Thinking of getting a moistursing face wash and better moistursing though. Sounds bad but since I don't workout or exercise, I wash my face every 3-4 days now. I used to wash every day, especially if I was exercising. Can't believe my oils are so in control now!
  10. Wow that's surreal sanjam, the final week has come along! So happy it's worked for you. Your skin looks so soft and youthful
  11. 3 calendar months off accutane today (December 19th - March 19th)no sign of relapse yet. Phew Look how straw'y my hair looks despite washing it very infrequently nowadays. Accutane reduced my hair oils a lot (used to get oily the day after washing) It's also been 3 months since I had a haircut, and I need oneWith bad acne for so long, I basically gave up on having a hairstyle because anything I did with it would irritate my skin anyway. Can anybody relate? But now I won't have that problem,
  12. I'm so happy it's working out for you!! I never saw your log for some reason
  13. so happy for you! i hope i will be able to say that after my course is over in 2 months lol. how about oiliness? has that come back? I was expecting my oils to come back fiercely, but my skin is still on the dry side! Hair and lips a little dry now and then. Hopefully the same for you in 2 months !
  14. maxplowman, I'm still yet to take a pic in the worst lighting. I have a lot of red marks still. Congrats on finishing! Are you clear now? Accutane123456, I sometimes get 1 random spot, but it clears up quite quickly. Overall things feel very stable. I would never have predicted this outcome based on how relentless my acne used to be (still broke out with strict diet and lifestyle etc.) Let's hope it stays that way!