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  1. I certainly agree that acne is dismissed as being unimportant and insignificant. In fact for a long time I wished that acne were excruciatingly painful, that every sore felt like a needle being thrust into your skull. Morbid, but it would serve two purposes: People would actually view it as a severe medical condition in need of treatment, and better cures might actually be available. People would not be as dismissive of it, and it would not be something to mock and scorn. Pandora and Wyn
  2. Thanks for the comment cinnamon. I sincerely hope you find relief from this disease. I hate it. wishing you best of luck!

  3. Kyza

    hey dude thanx for your message mate, really appreciate it!! im shocked you still remember me!! hehe oh and i was reading some of your posts, congrats on being acne free i hope you make the most out of your life :)

  4. congratz! yeah quite envy latest post haha but then so as well gives hope---hope someday i'll be clear!

    am happy for you, truly,


  5. I noticed you asked over the summer about my accutane blog. Don't know if I ever got back to you, but yes, I was thrilled with the results. Any more Q's let me know.

  6. Iliad

    Your still here kyza? I'm sorry you are still suffering from this disease. I hate it. You may not remember me, but I recall reading your posts years ago. Hope you find relief.

  7. 1 Year Later I wanted to conclude this since I never really came back to do so. I never did end up getting the last two months of treatment, but my acne cleared up anyway. And it stayed away. 1 year later I am acne free and a completely new person. I am happy to say that my Odyssey as ended.
  8. Hey guys, It seems like it's been ages since posted on acne.org. I was quite a regular for a few years. Well, I have been free of acne for a year now, and I wanted to offer some encouragement to fellow acne sufferers. I know right where you guys are at (view my old posts to see what I mean). My story I suffered from moderate to severe acne for close to six years. It lasted from middle school, through high school and my first year of college. The last three years were the worst. Both phys
  9. Heya, yeah, I never did finish that blog... Yes, I was very happy with the results! Acne has finally been locked in my past. If you have any questions for me let me know!

  10. Hi, I just stumbled across your Accutane blog. How did everything work out for you? Were you happy with the results? x

  11. MONTH 5 DAY 0 Once again my derm is behind in getting me the next month's scrip. I figured out that I end up waiting about 2 weeks between each month's medication, which makes my course much longer than it should be. But my face is still clear, so who's complaining? I should only have 2 more months left, but I may not even go through the sixth one. Why bother when my skin has been clear for this long without tane? Had a dream last night that my acne came back and I woke up terrified.
  12. MONTH 4 DAY 16 Skin: Clear SE: Ouch, ow. I didn't moisturize before going to bed last night, in fact didn't wash my face at all, and I woke up with "Tane Burn". It's like a blister or a rash that turns your skin red and raw in patches. Burns like hades. It's not my whole face, just around my forehead a bit. I won't do that again. Pics? I'm not sure UFO, maybe soon. Scarring? well I'm not a porcelain doll by any means, but I'm just happy to have clear skin, even with the condition. Than
  13. True. And though it sounds tough, even hellish at times, it just may be worthwhile. After years of unending suffering, clear skin has completely changed the quality of my life. I may not have many side effects at the moment, but even if I did the trade would be worth it to me.
  14. It's very kind of you to care so much about your friend that you want to help. I admire and respect that so much.