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  1. Hi, could you share your "evidence" on your statement regarding BP perpetuating the acne process?
  2. Hi all, The Acne.org Moisturizer has been in the spotlight for several years due to its controversial opinions and reviews. Despite that the other acne.org products have excellent reviews and ratings, the moisturizer falls short with relatively low rating of 3.0. Reading the reviews of the moisturizer, there are indeed some mixed opinions and reviews. Some people love it by describing it as light, easily absorbable with acne-friendly ingredients. Others or should I say the majority of the u
  3. Hi, I've been around these forums for years now, not as often anymore though. However, still today I hope to find some answers related to the relationship between diet and acne. After years of strolling around here, reading hundreds of posts, I have some conclusions. First, the diet and acne relationship seems to be very individual. Some people break out from foods which other don't. Basically for every food type, there are controversial opinions. Hence, it is up to each one of us to
  4. So basically cutting out carbs cleared your acne? Before you went on keto diet, did you consume a lot of carbs in form of bread, rice, pasta etc.? I also think that foods like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes which have a high GL (glycemic load) can contribute to acne.
  5. Been on the regimen for 3 years, I also have the same problem. I've noticed that two factors play a significant role in this. These are 1. the seasonal weather and 2. moisturizer. I live in Finland and the weather is pretty cold and "dry" here year around except during summers. During summer (June-August) my skin is actually not flaky at all even though I apply minimal amount of moisturizer. However, during winter my skin is somewhat more like what you described. About the moisturizer, I a
  6. You are correct. However, since the diet and acne connection is so hard to identify and measure due to it being extremely individual, most of the time people turn towards topical and other acne treatments instead.
  7. I dont think she have been active for years. According to her profile she was last active at the end of 2016. She indeed dedicated 10 years of her life to the forums. Based on the content count, she posted approxamately 3 post every single day for almost 10 years. The post were often of very high value too. What a champ.
  8. How many days without eggs did you start noticing results?
  9. Okay thanks again for your reply! Do you use some kind of method when you try to identify food intolerances? For instance, if you want to determine if bananas are safe or not do you first cut them out from your diet for a few weeks and them add them to your diet for a few weeks? I can't really find any other method to make significant conclusions if a specific food is okay or not. I'd like to hear your approach.
  10. According to your research, which vegetables are the best? And do you also recommend to completely cut out fruits? And what is your take on coffee? Thanks!
  11. Hi, thanks for your reply! I appreciate your advice, I might even try this out! I also think that the combination of BP and AHA is what makes it so strong. Your skin got completely used to BP after 1 month on the regimen? Wow, I'm jealous... I think my skin is simply very sensitive to BP since it always get a bit red after applying BP. I also get very dry skin which I think is partly due to the cold and dry climate in my country. I live in Northern Europe (Finland) and we dont really have
  12. Hi, very unfortunate with your shipment. Hopefully you will get the BP soon! However, really interesting that you replaced BP with AHA and that it apparently is working very well too. Although it can take a few weeks after quitting BP until the skin starts to react, lets hope that is not the case. Can your skin really handle 2 pumps of AHA twice a day?? That sounds really intense but maybe you have thick skin and not that sensitive? I am using AHA every 3 evening and after I apply it my fac
  13. Interesting... Never heard of this before actually. If all those you listed could be potential triggers, one should leave A LOT of food out of their diet...
  14. Although I think brown rice is a better option than white rice since it has a lower Glycemic index and Glycemic load. But yes I do agree with you to a certain degree, healthy food isnt always the best in order to combat acne. If we take fruits for example which a lot of people have issues with.