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  1. How many days without eggs did you start noticing results?
  2. Okay thanks again for your reply! Do you use some kind of method when you try to identify food intolerances? For instance, if you want to determine if bananas are safe or not do you first cut them out from your diet for a few weeks and them add them to your diet for a few weeks? I can't really find any other method to make significant conclusions if a specific food is okay or not. I'd like to hear your approach.
  3. According to your research, which vegetables are the best? And do you also recommend to completely cut out fruits? And what is your take on coffee? Thanks!
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply! I appreciate your advice, I might even try this out! I also think that the combination of BP and AHA is what makes it so strong. Your skin got completely used to BP after 1 month on the regimen? Wow, I'm jealous... I think my skin is simply very sensitive to BP since it always get a bit red after applying BP. I also get very dry skin which I think is partly due to the cold and dry climate in my country. I live in Northern Europe (Finland) and we dont really have
  5. Hi, very unfortunate with your shipment. Hopefully you will get the BP soon! However, really interesting that you replaced BP with AHA and that it apparently is working very well too. Although it can take a few weeks after quitting BP until the skin starts to react, lets hope that is not the case. Can your skin really handle 2 pumps of AHA twice a day?? That sounds really intense but maybe you have thick skin and not that sensitive? I am using AHA every 3 evening and after I apply it my fac
  6. Interesting... Never heard of this before actually. If all those you listed could be potential triggers, one should leave A LOT of food out of their diet...
  7. Although I think brown rice is a better option than white rice since it has a lower Glycemic index and Glycemic load. But yes I do agree with you to a certain degree, healthy food isnt always the best in order to combat acne. If we take fruits for example which a lot of people have issues with.
  8. I came across this thread again and read it all through. I think this thread actually has quality discussions and advices! I am in a similar position as you are. Im 23 year old male with moderate acne, I have been on the acne.org regimen for 2,5 years which has kept me 90% clear but have come with huge side effects - redness & dryness. Due to the extreme side effects even after 2,5 years of BP 2,5% usage, I have decided to slowly start moving away from the regimen and start to combat
  9. Good luck! Are you taking pictures along the journey? I think this would be really helpful both for yourself and also for us! Of course I understand if you feel uncomfortable posting them here. However, you can always blur out your eyes and other areas if you feel like it If you decide not to post any pictures, how was your acne before you started?
  10. Hi, First off, dont listen too much on the Acne.org mods since obviously their solution will always be "follow every step of the regimen religiously and use more of the acne.org moisturizer". I've been around here for years and I seldom get any added value from their answers. Anyway, I have been on the regimen for almost three years now. I do the regimen twice a day and I have also replaced the acne.org moisturizer with Eucerin Dry Skin Face Cream 5% Urea. This moisturizer have helped
  11. Okay interesting. How have you managed to combat this? Regarding food, which food have you noticed that triggers acne? And how about the leaky gut?
  12. I think this topic is something every acne sufferer thinks about, and so do I. I've had moderate acne since I was in my teens, now im 23 male. I've been using the regimen for 3 years now. The regimen keeps me 95% clear but comes with annoying side-effects, redness and flakiness. So even though I might not have acne now due to regimen, my face is red all the time which is almost as embarrassing. I totally agree with the original poster, none of my male friends have acne which makes it kinda embar
  13. I barely get any breakouts anymore. I still do the regimen twice a day, using one fingerlenght of BP 2,5%. I would say my skin has gotten better overall during the years on the regimen, obviously its mostly due to the regimen but I also feel like I have partially outgrown acne, or atleast the rough part. My acne was the worst when i was between 16-19. Now im 23 and if i would not be on the regimen I'd say I have mild acne. So to answer your question: Every now and then I get a pimple or two