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  1. i want some advice 'bout starting a high calorie diet, so could anyone who knows soemthing about this send me a PM? Thanks.
  2. I mean given the chance, would you go back to the very beginning and just live your life again differently? (assuming you remembered the mistakes you made before )? i sure would
  3. hmm ive never done that before....mind you, i don't have any pictures of myself to edit and i don't make a habit of giving everyone my picture but i wouldn't anyway too much hassle
  4. That is you stating that idea not anyone else. i know, and its copyrighted edit: dont worry, i dont think WW3 is starting quite yet :lol:
  5. at least i can be safe in the knowledge i will be forgiven when i die....and then thrown into the gates of hell
  6. no no ill bring a cover thanks in fact i volunteer to be the referee.....even though i am a tad biased
  7. without being offensive here....so were supposed to let some random person call us all sinners and accuse us of living sinful lives which will ultimately end with us going to hell and not defend ourselves? Ha! fat chance sorry..
  8. i agree a 100% with you - but only if the particular Christian in question (not naming any names now) calls the rest of us sinners because we choose to believe differently. One thing is posting what you believe - but then calling anyone who doesn't agree with your beliefs sinner and condemning us to torture after death is one little toe over the line. IMO
  9. you mean were in the same barrel as everyone else :surprised: :lol: oh and on the whole religion debate going on, i started my own religion - and unless you follow it your all going to burn in the 4th dimension labeled as "hell" moahahahaha :badgrin:
  10. If its any consolation, I dont have friends either. I have one close friend and all my other friends are on line friends.
  11. i have a friend (just about my only friend :rolleyes: ) who lives in Sweden and when he wants a drink with his buddies they just drive to Finland :D and despite all of those points above - i'd still choose Sweden :)
  12. I was telling my husband that the other day...ah we can dream. You know I saw a thing the other day on dubai, they just make their own islands, we could consider that yep man-made islands - about a hundred or so each one is shaped to look like a part of the earth - so that if you looked at it from space it would look like a flat map of the world. Mind you, they cost a few more than the average house....
  13. well how about we all chip in a bit of cash and we can buy an island somewhere and start a new country lol....if only...