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  1. i couldn't reply to you for some reason... to be honest, i didn't even know what milia was until i heard about the green peel...
  2. ...do you think you could totally fix your skin?
  3. I do think it's totally valid to bring up acting, as that is what I love doing. Scarring on my cheeks means I haven't pursued this as I would have if my skin was perfect. I still act, but don't totally immerse myself in it for this reason. I have the same sadness over this as a pianist would if he/she was missing a finger. The thing is, I'm really happy about the Esthelis filler I had. My skin looks so much better. The doctor reckons my skin will be normal in a couple of years. I had an audition
  4. wow nikkigirl. you have such a bad vibe. you can turn anything into a negative. love, spiritually speaking, i believe i am an eternal being. i am not fearful of leaving this planet, or that i have only 70 odd years and i am forever snuffed out. being young, and old all have their place and their beauty. when i'm 80 i hope i'm doing a degree in maths and reading all the books i haven't have had time to read when i was younger. i don't feel 'age' as much as you or have the fear and associated beli
  5. mellow_yellow. No, I didn't major in Psychology, Philosophy or English. But I have written plays etc and am very interested in reading about philosophy/spirituality/psychology. tryingstill. Sometimes if someone's staring really bugs me, I might find an imperfection on their face and stare at that. There are few people with perfect skin. nikkigirl. You are making a few assumptions. One, I don't live in America and have no interest in being part of Hollywood. Two, I act because I love it. Not to
  6. That is great that you feel good about yourself, irregardless of your skin condition. Others' attitudes to us often mirrors our attitude towards ourself. Personally I am not at all interested in the medication route though. I don't take any prescription drugs and wouldn't unless it was absolutely mandatory. I put collagen injections in that camp. Obviously my skin doesn't produce collagen properly, so it makes sense to inject more (Cosmoderm). I study naturopathy part time. I want to heal mysel
  7. The thing is I'm not unhappy. I find joy in a lot of things. I love life. These skin issues do give people a lot of pain. I can tell that by reading posts on this board. To deny that would not be authentic. You can't pretend pain away. I like to be well-groomed. That's just me. I would just feel more free without the skin stuff being an issue.
  8. I am going to go through a few treatments first before I get to the stage of wearing my hair off my face. Maybe I will clip it on one side for the audition. Once I was told I looked like Audrey Hepburn when I wore my hair off my face (except I'm blonde). It definitely is a flattering look. I was once told by someone that I have the best skin they have ever seen. She had eyesight problems though. One of the side effects of all of our efforts is that we often take a lot more care of our skin tha
  9. wishingiwasfree... it is so sad. i've always wanted to act. and i'm a good actor. but i now won't wear my hair off my face. i am going for a short film audition in a few days. it is kind of a futile exercise. i did extra work on a movie and had all of my hair scraped off my face (played a policewoman). that was torturous. i think that if i always wore my hair off my face, people would get used to it, but the fact that i don't means that people kind of want to find fault, because i am trying to h
  10. I am 35. I first noticed scarring on my cheeks when I was 26. I always wear my hair down. I am female. It would be an ecstatic experience for me to wear a ponytail. Wearing my hair over my face is annoying. Plus, I have an interest in acting. An actor with acne scarring is kind of like a pianist with a missing finger. Acting is about the face. You need to be able to wear your hair off your face. People often think I am younger than I am, which is a good thing. Recently somebody asked if I was 22