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  1. Does anyone know if it is a problem to take Tylenol Cold, while on Accutane. I have a really bad cold and I am on Accutane but I don't want to risk it if it's not safe.
  2. hey guy, thanks for the encouraging news, how long did it take for you to see positive effects, i am 3 weeks in and nothing yet and I am soo dry around my mouth and lips. I got some good advise to put moisturizer and most people say it took 3 months to see effects.
  3. it's not on the pimples, it's just around my mouth where i have no pimples
  4. i have really dry skin around my mouth, do u just leave it there and not peel it off or is it okay to peel it off without risk of scarring?
  5. thanks guys for the encouraging news, it's the dryness that is really annoying me, do u still keep getting really dry after the first month. I am really dry around my mouth and on my lips, what did u guys do with that?
  6. How long does it take to see results? I am 3 weeks in and no real improvement yet. I just have major dryness on my lips and around my mouth. Can someone please give me encouraging news.
  7. I know most people who are on Accutane have had dry lips but anyone have them so dry that when you try to eat and you open your mouth it kind of hurts?? Is this just me, or has anyone else experienced this???
  8. It is okay to use Accutane with any face washes or is it going to have a negative effect??
  9. I know this is a stupid question but I wanna still ask just to be sure. Is it ok to work out for a few hours when you are on accutane and really sweat as long as your not outside in the sun? I wanna get rid of acne and a lot of weight at the same time. Please let me know. Thanks
  10. thanks guys, i started taking it on May 1st and so far I don't notice any changes or any side effects. I am really frustrated cause I am 26 and I have had acne for many years. I tried everything but nothing worked, I was not allowed to go on accutane before cause my liver enzimes were too high and so was my cholerstoral. I am finnally able to go on Accutane now and I really hope it works for me.
  11. Hi everyone, I am starting on Accutane, I am taking 40mg, once a day. I was wondering how long it takes to see results?? Can anyone please help me out here? Thanks
  12. I have some similar scars, how much does a filler cost??