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  1. I finished my 5 month course in March and just wanted to post back here with my results! I know these posts were always encouraging when I was on here, so now im making one! My face looks A LOT better than when I started. I had a bad initial breakout that seemed to last forever. I didnt start clearing until my 3rd or 4th month, which sucked. So if you are still breaking out right now don't worry! Some people take longer than others. My biggest advice is not to mess with your surfaced pimples and
  2. i'm about 1 month post accutane and I think i have already relapsed. I was on 60mg for 5 months. After finishing accutane, I wasn't completely clear. I still had a couple cysts that I could "feel" under my skin, but weren't entirely visible. Now that time has passed the cysts of grown larger and more painful. I'm going back to my dermatologist in May to talk to him about it.
  3. Try not using it. Maybe the reason you have dry lips is because you apply other stuff on it. I remember my lips going try when I was using chapstick a lot. I have tried not using chapstick, my lips are unbearable without it. If I even talk my lips will start stretching and cracking...
  4. I use Rohto V. Its expensive around $7, but I love it. I like the arctic one the best. It's really refreshing to your eyes, but I must warn you it does sting a bit since it has menthol in it. It makes you cry for a sec after, but thats good to lubricate your eyes! But after the first 2 secs your eyes will feel refreshed and awesome!
  5. i was going to ask the same thing! I have been off accutane for about a month and my lips are still soooo dry! I CANNOT go anywhere without chapstick. I apply it almost every hour it sucks. Today, I left my chapstick at home and my lips were dying. I skipped class to by some chapstick because it was that bad..grr I've heard people say their lips return to normal like within a week after their done..hopefully this is not permanent. I might go see my doctor about it
  6. ughh thanks guys. ya well everyone was staring at me because i caked on my vaseline and chapstick so my lips were super shiny. I also had to have lunch with some people and I couldn't open my mouth to eat! It sucks soo bad. It's hard to drink a lot of water because I have to keep reapplying my vaseline and chapstick everytime I take a drink. I hope it goes away soon i've been reading bad stories on the internet where people say it lasts for months or years..ahh i hope thats not the case
  7. I woke up this morning and couldn't even open my mouth to breathe. Ran to the bathrrom and looked at my mouth and saw the dreaded corner cracks on my mouth. I have 2 days left of accutane so I don't know why it happened now! it hurts soo bad I can't even talk or eat. Did anyone else get this while on accutane? How did you treat it? I have an interview tomorrow and I have a feeling it's not going to go well if I can't speak..
  8. It's been forever since I've posted! I've seen pretty good results! I have 7 more days until i'm done with my course. Last month I had two really big cysts. One on my temple and on near my jawline. Those are still healing and it's taking forever! Other than that, i've been pretty much clear. I'm starting to get 1 pimple by my eyebrow, but thats it. So much better than 50 pimples and cysts on my face! I definitely have A LOT of scarring. A lot of icepick scars because I picked and popped some p
  9. I have my appointment this week for my last month (5 month course). I am still breaking out a lot. I have many lumps all over my face that seem to be nodules buried deep in the skin. I had a really bad one last week, and it finally surfaced a left a nasty scar on my cheek. Really frustrating. I am going to talk to my derm about it. Everytime I tell him about my probs he always says "well you still have x more months to clear! I'm going to leave you at 60mg." I do not want to stay at 60mg for my
  10. Avicia - I have not talked to my derm yet because my next appointment is on the 11th. I'm going to ask if I can go up to 80mg though on monday. I used to get those red raised dry bumps on my hands, but that went away randomly. The ones by my eye look like milia I also bought a clarisonic last week and that came in the mail today. I am such a bad impulse shopper but i'm excited to try it out when i'm finished with the course. I will have 2 months left on monday, which doesn't seem bad at all!
  11. i've heard good and bad things about bio-oil. I have it, but I haven't been using it everyday because i'm lazy. some say it breaks you out even more, and some say it doesn't. so try it and see! everyone's skin is different
  12. Got my first blood nose this morning boo. well my skin seems to be breaking out again on my month 3. I've been on 60mg for 2 months and I think my derm plans on keeping me there. I'm going to ask him to bump me up next time. I feel like I have a lot of spots that are deep in the skin and its not surfacing. Also im getting tiny little bumps by my eye. Not sure what that is. Lips are extremelyyyyyyy dry. I lost both tubes of my chopsaver..so i just ordered some more. No other lip balm works
  13. You've said you have had injections on them already, so you have been to a dermatologist? What have they said? I think accutane would be your best bet out of any treatments out there for your cystic acne. Your face doesn't seem to have a lot of smaller pimples just the large cysts. It kind of looks like an allergic reaction to something. I had a friend who found out she was allergic to this protein found in dairy, so she can't have anything containing a form of dairy. Her face was swollen and
  14. Just try to be nice about it. Don't go in there screaming with an attitude demanding accutane. I just explained my dermatologist my situation in a calmy manner and told him I would like to try accutane and he gave it to me. I guess the fact that my face was severe helped convice also haha