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  1. Experiencing significant hair loss. Skin is a bit dry. Broke out in cystic pimple on chin. Went vegan for 3 months. Argan oil clogged my pores and broke me out in small bumps on my forehead. Planning to eliminate the herpanacine. 12/17/17 RoutineAMMUAC Mandelic Acid CleanserMUAC Gly-Luronic Acid Serum (15% Glycolic Acid, 50% Hyaluronic Acid pH 3.4)MUAC Transforming Anti Aging Eye Repair - LOADED with multi-activesMakeupUbarn Decay Liquid Eyeliner NYX Liquid LinerGARNIER SkinActive Clearly Br
  2. Just finished my period and I broke out like crazy on my chin. It maybe attributed to the sugar cookies and macaroons I consumed. I have been reading articles about gut-brain-skin link. I'm considering taking probiotics. I think I have androgenetic acne. I've been experiencing tremendous hair loss for about a year now.
  3. Spoke too soon. Broke out in a huge cystic pimple on my chin. Must have been from cheating. I had tres leches, rustic bakery soughdough flatbread crackers, grandma's mini vanilla cream cookies. I also finished my blueberry stash.
  4. Skin is pretty clear. Went to my 6 month dental cleaning today and the hygienist commented how great my skin looked under the unforgiving light. I've been taking the herpanacine and fish oil before my meals so the vitamins digest better. In the mornings, I've been eating avocados and a pint of blueberries and that seems to help as well. I stopped using Cerave and replaced it with MUAC Argan oil to moisturize. I've also eliminated the use of my clarisonic as well and I stopped breaking out on my
  5. Still breaking out on my chin in Cystic acne 10 days before period. Went to the Derm beginning of this month and she prescribed me MetroGel and Doxycycline. Refused the antibiotics since it never works and just kills my stomach. I picked up the Metrogel today and will some research to see if it's compatible with Hyaluronic Acid. Also, started taking Herpanacine. I'm concerned about Vitamin A overdosing. I've been taking it 6 times a day sporadically. I'm going to try to be consistent for four we
  6. Been breaking out on my chin. Period begins 7/23. 7/14/16 regimen AM MUAC mandelic cleanser MUAC Gly-Luronic Acid Serum CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM Make up Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller CoverGirl Smoothers BB cream Urban Decay Liquid Liner, Perversion PM Jojoba Oil to remove makeup Philosophy Purity + Clarisonic Aria Shower MUAC Gly-Luronic Acid Serum Tanda Red/Blue Light Fish Oil Discontinued taking biotin. Think it was breaking me out.
  7. It's been a while since I've updated. I'm still breaking out in cystic pimples on chin. The only reprieve from the breakouts is when I'm on my period. I order Vital Nutrients Niacinamide 750 mg capsules from Amazon... I'll see if that will help.
  8. can u specify more what exactly this thing contains? is it just loads and loads of vitamin b3? cant u just take loads of vitamin b3 suppelments? or cant u just consume alot of a food that contains loads of vitamin b3? im just so desperate that ill give almost anything a try. even though i know it wont do shit, like loads of other supplements and foods didnt. Hi, I basically just limited my diet and started taking fish oil pills. I'm pretty strict with what I eat and I was doing the green smo
  9. Applied MUAC mandelic acid serum 25% today. Breaking out on chin as usual. My cheeks have hyperpigmentation from the blushes I've used that broke me out.
  10. Just finished my period and I'm breaking out on my chin all over again. Whenever I get my period I stop breaking out on my chin but once it's over my chin erupts. Breakouts on my left and right cheek are recovering.
  11. TCA 18% on forehead. MUAC Salicylic acd on Nose and and cheeks. Yesterday.
  12. It's an oral vitamin supplement. Basically just megadosing on vitamin b3. It really cleared up my skin but my insurance stopped covering Nicotinamide, Nicazel, Nicomide and etc. It's super pricey on it's own. I just went to Target and bought the Super Vitamin B3 complex supplements. However the dosage of the vitamins is a fraction of the prescription ones so it's not as effective. I'm looking into purchasing 500 mg of Niacinamide tablets non flush from GNC but I'm still researching which brand t
  13. I had a temporary reprieve from breaking out on my chin when I was on my period last week. Guess my horomones calmed down? My period is over and I broke out in three massive cystic pimples on my chin. My skin okay right now except for the continuous break outs on my chin. Applied aspirin mask on the spots now.
  14. Went out of town last weekend so my regimen was slacking. I went to the beach last Saturday and used my the Juicy Organics Sport sunscreen. The sunscreen is pretty thick in texture actually. Between the sweat, sunscreen, and three hour drive from the beach without washing my face led to clogged pores on my cheeks. I'm expecting a crazy breakout emerging. Arrived home Saturday night, showered, and immediately slathered on some Manuka honey with turmeric onto my face to prevent any breakouts.