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  1. Thank you! I hope so... did you find you had good results? Oh I think that’s the same one I’m having! How did you find the results? im relieved, I’ve already been in hiding with my recent punch excision marks so I don’t want to be in too long with CO2!!
  2. 6 weeks?! Jesus. Yes it’s ablative... but hoping to return to work after 2... no chance in hell I can hide for 6!
  3. I am wondering how long it will be before I look fairly “normal” after CO2 treatment. I was told 2 weeks after I can start to wear makeup - but I’ve seen others saying they waited 6 weeks?! anyone have any insight or experience with this?
  4. Thank you I will definitely try these silicone sheets. Yes it seems now is the time for me to be proactive in order for them to look somewhat normal again... at the moment I’m massaging daily with aquaphor (god knows if it works!)
  5. I had subcision and punch excision 2 weeks ago... my ice picks were very minor but I was offered it while I was having local anaesthetic so took it... the new scars I’ve developed are extremely deep and wide... I’ve been having panic attacks about it. I’ve been told it’ll improve with CO2 laser but as active acne has resurfaced I don’t know if/when I could get that. I was told it heals into FLAT white scars but this is 100000x worse than before!! attached ***before and after*** pi
  6. Yeah definitely agree, higher risk higher reward. Gonna take a while to gather laser courage! . Not worried at all about the subcision really, only worried it doesn’t do much. Dr H is actually throwing in any punch I may need for no extra charge as I don’t have many ice picks... so I’m not worried he’s trying to take my money by offering that
  7. Oh that’s a shame that subcision didn’t do much for you! Yes it seems very much that it’s just luck of the draw. I may have avoided the treatment but I’m also getting some punch excision on the day so I am hoping that they’ll be at least a bit of difference so it’s worth the £££! I feel your pain on the erythema! After my CO2 years ago I was left with really bad erythema for over a year afterwards. I couldn’t be seen without makeup! This is a huge reason I’m so apprehensive to go for
  8. Was too long ago to remember. Don’t have before/after pics
  9. Thank you! How did you find the results from the aggressive fractional and the subcision?? I had aggressive CO2 too when I was 18 and the recovery was pretty miserable!
  10. Yeah I saw her promote a cream for scars lately that’s obviously a total rubbish cream and ever since I’ve not really taken her recommendations too seriously. She’s saved about £2000 from Dr H so will definitely be motivated to post good things only... I think I will go to him for Taylor Liberator subcision but not CO2 unless there’s more genuine reviews!
  11. Thank you! Yes I follow her and like her results... I just worry with people with large followings if they’re sponsored or get things “gifted” etc! Maybe just me being a skeptic by nature!
  12. Hi there, Im booked to see Dr H Consult in London for Taylor Liberator Subcision and fully ablative CO2 laser for my acne scars. Anyone had these treatments with him and can give me a review or tips for healing etc?? Thank you!
  13. I can cover mine with makeup pretty well. I use a silicone based pore-filling primer, then I use a green concelear to cover up the redness. then I go in with a foundation and I do NOT put powder over the scars as the mattifying effect seems to emphasise the texture, where as if you leave the foundation dewy it reflects the light instead. Yes in certain angles in sunlight it can become noticeable, but indoors it's great. Look up Cassandra Bankson on youtube for examples of hiding acne scars!