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  1. Tried it and it worked at first, then stopped after a month. Game me millia too. I don't recommend it.
  2. I recommend the Vichy Normaderm acne prone system. Use the cleansing gel, scrub, toner, and night & day creams. It's probably the best OTC combination available. Use the La Roche Hydraphase Light. Good luck!
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to tell everyone about Vichy Normaderm Night cream, and how amazing it is. It's so good I use it both morning and night, even though it says use it only at night. I've uploaded some before/afters of this stuff, and it's about 2 months apart. Try it for yourself. I also use the Normaderm Day Moisturizer, which has almost the same active ingredients. Peace. [attachmentid=5757][attachmentid=5758]
  4. I've heard that Accutane was first a form of chemotherapy before they found out it can prevent acne too.
  5. I would suggest using Solugel 8% in combination with Clyndoxil 1%/5%. That's what Im doin and it works well.
  6. shunts!!! I have been looking to see where you went, and I'm glad I found you. I have read a lot of your log, and I'm sad that I wasn't there to give you encouragement. I can't imagine the initial breakout on Accutane, but I wish I could have helped with cheering you up I have been looking around the board for Accutane logs as well, since I was depressed over XFML & ZZ. From the looks of it, Accutane doesn't show it's good side till like month 4, from what I've read. I have been seriousl
  7. Not sure if you heard of Demodex mites. I am on 3 months of using some products against these parasites, and my acne is getting better. Anyway, I used to have itchy face, but after using these products, it doesn't itch at all. Maybe check it out: www.demodexsolutions.com. Cheers!
  8. Hey Tom, I have a problem with the clogged pores too. I wouldn't call it quits till like 4 months or so. And the fact that you used it on chest and it got clear so well after you stopped, maybe that's a good sign. For me it's like about over 2 months, and still got acne in certain places. Some areas have stopped breaking out much, like the temples. Keep me posted on your regimen. Peace, Andrei
  9. My experiences are same as these other guys. It's not going to clear you, but will help with cleansing... I use it for my body..
  10. Hey guys, Perhaps we are not giving it enough time. Here's what I do know... papines said it only improved his skin significantly after 4 months. Then, SteveInAustin said it took him about 4 months as well. I have another friend cutieapple which said that only after 2.5 months did she notice significant improvement. She also said she used to get tons of clogged pores before finally it cleared. For me, I've been using for roughly 6 weeks.
  11. Hey guys, I'm still using ZZ & XFML.. still not acne free.. I guess I'll wait more.. shunts, tom, how are you guys doing?
  12. Haha, you made me laugh Seriously though, if you want to give this product a try, then give it a fair shot. You can't expect it to work miracles in 1 day. The indications are for 3-4 months before you notice significant improvements. I guess that's more than most people can bear..... Just to compare with you, in case you are wondering, I have been using this product for 4 weeks now, in combination with Xin Fumanling cream. I apply a decent amount of ZZ at night, and yes at first I was getting
  13. Hi, I would recommend you go to a derm and get him to prescribe you benzamycin. You may also want to get accutane, because your acne will leave scars. That is the best advice I can offer to you at this time.
  14. Hey sweet man! If anything I wish you get clear as soon as possible. Just keep me posted.
  15. That sounds great! Have you considered xfml? I just started using it 3 days ago when I ran out of ZZ. But I liked it a lot, and when I got my new order of ZZ (4 jars), I am starting to use xfml in the morning. Sometimes I wish papines was still here so I could ask him more questions. It's going to be 1 month on ZZ next weekend.
  16. Yah seriously, just tell us what the products are. If they are products then maybe we can buy them too. Jeez.
  17. Hey everyone, Still here, using ZZ. Not 100% clear, and well, it may take some time. I am still hopeful. shunts, what's your success now?
  18. shunts, I can completely agree that acne and obsessing over it ruins lives. It sucks that the ZZ has not cleared you up. I really do not know the reason why it did not work, but not everything works for everyone the same. Perhaps it's still too soon to tell. I am still trying it out and we'll see how it all works out for me too. You have 2 months on me when it comes to ZZ, so I have yet to go through the treatment as prescribed. What comes to mind is to tell you to try it out for longer, and w
  19. Spectro Jel does nothing for acne. It's just a wash. A good wash.
  20. Hi Queen, I first wanted to inform you that I have been down that path with no success. I tried 60 mg sinc per day, and after 2 months I still didn't clear my acne. If you do decide to try it, make sure you take zinc with a meal or else you will get severely nautious. Secondly, chromium piccolinate I tried 2 years ago, for 3 months, with no success. Furthermore, piccolinate supplements have been linked to cancer. I would go for another version of chromium. Well, I'd thought I'd help since I'v
  21. Hey shunts, During my exam weeks, I used the FD cream 2x a day, and my breakouts just kept geting worse and worse. Eventually, I stopped the FD cream. Now, the only thing I use it for is eye moisturizer, since it's at least good at moisturizing. ZZ would be far better at killing Demodex than FD cream in any case, and I am not sure even how effective FD cream is. I think it's more of a moisturizer. Using FD soap before ZZ, morning and night, should be fine. Also, I don't have any dryness. Did y
  22. Guys, I am not sure what to say, but ever since I started using the ZZ I have had really good results with improving my acne. My face is less oily, no initial breakouts, and reduced acne that heals quickly. I am not sure what to say. Maybe it will get worse, but so far 1 jar of ZZ is done, I got 1 more, and I'll probably order 4 more jars. I didn't touch the xfml.