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  1. Hey Cassie, yeah long time no speak, i'm really good thanks =] How are you? How are your kids doing?

  2. hey there, been forever how you been?

  3. Wow this has been forever since i have put anything up. I jus have to get this out. Last thursday shit went to hell. i drank all night jus tryin to have a bit of fun. I don't know why or how, i jus blacked out (hasn't happened in a few yrs) Next day i wake up my sister (elswhere) was at my house. i guess i went nuts the night before. I beat the crap out of my bf, started screaming crazy shit saying he was jus like all my ex's, and the crazy thing is , is that i know he isn't. i threw shit broke
  4. Hope you're doing well!

  5. Well, a couple weeks ago I received a sample (big bottle ) of jojoba oil. I looked at what i can use it for and so far I have tried it for makeup removal, massage, and shaving prep. I LOVE that it's no scent for the massage oil, others products when you need more the smell of the oils always become wayyyy to strong, but Dan's product worked like a champ and i didn't have to use too much. And i can leave it on after and it softens and doesn't leave my skin oily. The make-up one though i was real
  6. lol i just wrote the exact same thing as ami :) but then i deleted it. obviously. but thanks.. and same to you :P

  7. Thanks, same to you. :)

  8. I've read everything and thank everybody for all the advice. actually tryin to figure out myself has to be one of the most intimidating things I've done. funny because i've been in life or death situations and this seems to bother me the most LOL strange the humane mind. but i do really appreciate this i wasn't to sure if i was going to be bashed or not. thanks
  9. hey there, haven't spoken in quiet awhile. hope things are well for you, i know you were going through somethings the last time, wb smooches luv

  10. i updated my pics but they aren't showin tell me if i messed up