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  1. What about zinc and hormones?... That would explain why masturbation is so devastating for our skins...
  2. Mortally, you are a disturbed sick looser... keep masturbating as often as you want, and make yourself confortable at acne.org...cause you´ll spend a lot of time here... For me that´s it... I´m almost clear, so au revoir.
  3. That´s completly outside the scope of the topic.... the important information is that masturbation/sex can have some impact on acne. What you do with that information it´s up to you..
  4. It does cause acne... and IMO it´s the reason why no one can cure acne. I got almost 100 % clear by simply reducing the masturbation frequency. If you don´t want to believe it, fine...but you are going to spend some years more in this forum..
  5. Ok, Paul.. people here are going to think I´m crazy. But I´ve found something that helped me. Visualization. Do this 15 minutes before sleep. Visualize your antibodies going through your body, and attacking acne cells, and destroying them. Then as consequence of that fight, visualize your pimples shrinking on your face. To make this process more effective, google on "antibodies" and acne cells for you to see how do they look like, this is to make your visualization more real. This worked
  6. Ewww I hate mineral oil! That stuff breaks me out horribly I have never tried an acne products that helped with acne. For me they all made acne worse, they just healed the same acne they caused.
  7. Well at my age of 21 I´m far more concerned about getting acne, that prostate cancer... statistically speaking of course.. The idea is not to stop masturbating completly, just to reduce the frequency to 1-3 times a week.