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  1. i went to the derm and he prescribed me a neutrogena cleanser, some internal antibiotics some anibacterial cream and reversa a topical... i was wondering if anyones tried it before and what they thought of it? did it clear you?
  2. i read somewhere in one of those holistic articles that cucumber was great for acne. as well as oranges, green peppers and green grapes. it said that all fruits and veggies are good but these ones especialy... is this true? has anyone else heard this as well?
  3. Coconut oil is comedogenic - I wouldn't use it on acne prone skin. Many essential oils are problematic for acne prone skin, and some may also be irritants. Natural does not necessarily = more gentle or more effective. Plus most of these oils are chemically manipulated in the process of adding them to skin care products. tea tree oil is GREAT for skin problems like exema.
  4. personaly i think that yes it does help. but only if you have a good dermatologist. i just went to one a few days ago and picked up my prescriptions and i truely believe that it will eventualy cure my acne. but i am only so confident because i KNOW hes a good derm. not only does he have an excelent rep but hes also treated my mom for different skin issues and they've cleared right away. find a good doc and go. its worth it... why not try everything right? i mean what do you have to lose? your ac
  5. i recently went to the dermatologist and i was prescribed an acne medacine which stated that hair across your forhead does not cause acne and tha was a mith. now schools starting again and i have the utmost confidence that my dermatologists prescriptions will clear my acne, the only problem is the three, four five months of waiting... i only have acne on my forehead and want to cut my hair into bangs for school but not if its going to interfier with my acne meds. but the box did say it was a mit
  6. Ive resently gotten acne in between my breasts... ive never had this problem before.. ive always had back acne and facial acne but not on my chest. im told its a summer thing because of the heat, im sweating alot.. is this true or do you think i just grew into more un-welcomed acne.
  7. has anyone tried proactive had it failed then had dkr work? cause pro active is bp so if it didnt work for me does that mean dkr wont work either?
  8. I know everyones skin is different... mine, i was just wondering how long it took for YOU to get clear of of Dans regimen... or if your doing something different tell me what and how long THAT took for you.
  9. Is it the products themselves or the way Dan tells us to apply them? gently so not to irritate.
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  11. your skin looks not to bad, i think you'll have no problem clearing it up. i wish only but the best for you,because believe me i know how it feels to be a pizza face. HA! i hope you get completely clear and have a glowing complection to match what im sure is your glowing personality. keep fighting the good fight!
  12. I was wondering what makes BKR Work so well? is it the products themselves? or the gentle way you apply them?
  13. I was wondering is it the products themselves that work so well or is it the gentle application that does the trick?