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  1. Hi @Laura630 thank you for your sharing. the dermatologist offered me this laser to avoid staying on accutane. he offered to test and if it is inconclusive to start again on accutane. I want to test but I am cooled by your testimony and by the fact that this treatment which targets the sebaceous glands is not the standard treatment. on their website, however, they refer to the destruction of sebaceous glands responsible for overproduction of oil, so it should work in theory. but
  2. hello, I allow myself to revive the subject. Does anyone have any news? has anyone test the laser? I have been looking for a treatment for oily skin for years. i'm on accutane which works well but i don't want to be addicted to this treatment. thank you
  3. hi everyone, i did some research and here is an update on possible new treatments. 1) WINLEVI from CASSIOPEA anti androgen cream https://www.cassiopea.com/product-pipeline/#accordion appointment with the FDA on August 27, 2020. 2) LASER SEBACIA microparticles of gold penetrate your skin to lodge in the sebaceous glands and then we destroy it with a laser. https://sebacia.com/ 3) LASER ACCUREACNE laser with a wavelength of 1726nm which aims to hea
  4. Nobody else ? would anyone have any news on these medications? did anyone accidentally participate in these clinical trials?
  5. Hi @Krackkid sorry for the delay, I wanted to give news before but when you feel very good you do not think about anything anymore and I wanted to enjoy life. You are at 40mg a day just for oily skin ? or maybe you have acne in addition to oily skin. Good luck too
  6. Hi @jykhaw. Yes I am french. you are the second person to ask me the question. you were lucky to find this dermatologist. hoping that this dosage of the drug will make you cure oily skin. I wait patiently for my October appointment. but in France it is very hot at the moment and the oily skin comes back very quickly. I plan to test vitamin B5 or anticipate and go see a another dermatologist. I hesitated because I think the doctor wants to stop the drug while it is for the moment the
  7. Hi @jykhaw Filipino dermatologists are very friendly. you're lucky to still have a slight effect with 10mg per week, this is unfortunately not my case. the perfect dose was 60 mg per week. taking 40 mg per week I am forced to absorb the excess of sebul every 4 hours or so. I totally agree with you that we do not want to go out anymore, it brings about a withdrawal, a lack of confidence. for the answer to your question: I have no idea what the dermatologist wants to do. all I can say
  8. Hi @plaguevictim yes I take a pill of 20 mg a week because my dermatologist wants me to take the lowest possible dose. I have no acne, but excessively oily skin so 40mg per day would be much too much for me and the duration of treatments would be very short too. do you have acne or just oily skin without acne? when there is a change in dosage I notice a change after about 4 weeks. but at 60mg a week my skin was just perfect as happiness
  9. Hi @WarrantedAide. I confirm your hypothesis: I am French. I agree to exchange with you by email if you still agree. For me only accutane for the moment.
  10. Hi everybody first sorry for my english. my story I have extremely extremely oily skin. I am on isotretinine treatment that has worked at 60mg per week but my dermatologist wants me to take as little as possible. so we try 20mg a week but the oily skin comes back is not enough for me unfortunately. I have researched new treatments to reduce sebum. 1) SB204 of Novan therapeutics 2) ASC-J9 Of Androscience 3) Winlevi of Cassiopea (success in phase3) What do you think? I'm mental
  11. Hi everybody I confirm that my oily skin comes back even with 20mg of isotretinine per week. Conclusion 20mg per week is not enough for me
  12. Hi everybody Almost One year after i give news. my doctor prescribe 20mg * 3 Times à week(monday/wednesday/friday) so 60mg à week during fews month. during this moment not problème, my skin is very good. WONDERFUL AMAZING And in february he decreases to 20mg * 2 Times à week ( monday/thursday) so 40mg à week During this période my skin was good but i felt oil a little And in month may thé dermatologist decreases to 20mg 1 time à week (monday) si 20mg a week. My oily skin Comes bac
  13. Hi everybody I give news. About 4 weeks after having started thé treatment at 40 mg a week i felt it was less little oily but still oily. I must always have a handerkierchef in my pocket. Maybe my dermatologist Will offer me to go on 60mg à week. i see monday I hope Isotretinoin is thé last option
  14. Hello everybody, Firstly i apologize for my bad english because it's not my language. I'm a man, 29 years old and i have a extremely very very ......oily skin. Many of you will recognize, after wah my face maybe 20 30 minutes sebum makes it appaerance on my face and i am obliged to dab my face several times a day with a tissue for exemple. Psychologically it's using, it's hard to live... I try several things like oil jojoba drink water retinoids (differine, locacid)...but not improvement