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  1. FOOD COMBINING may also be a option to some. Carbs/Proteins/Fats all digest differently. Carbs are involved in a more alkaline digestive environment. Meats and other proteins require an acidic environment produced by the stomach to break down the proteins. If proteins are eaten with carbs, the acidic environment will neutralize the alkaline enzymes leading for carb fermentation. Poisons and alcoholic substances can be leaked into the body.. google and have a BINGE ;-)
  2. Nice work Sleaman Couple of questions, is your skin still oiley after this? and where did you information on this fast? ive heard of a 40 day OJ fast that sounds quite intriguing, rather more to the point of regenerating new tissues. A protocol i wish to follow next year altough unfortuantely, and a big one at that i have to have huge dental work done before i can get involved with such things
  3. Bit random this, but as the title states i was wondering how accurate these tests are and any experiences/results from people who have taken the tests..
  4. Something that came across my mind was that the day after a drinking session, my skin gets oiley alot quicker. What are the reasons for this, and what changes have happened to the body during the piss up? Hormonal wise i mean..
  5. http://curezone.com/cleanse/liver/huldas_recipe.asp piece of cake. there awesome, my results are astonishing
  6. Sounds like it all relates to some form of adrenal action.. as it stimulates the adrenals added with stress, hormonal imbalance? its part of my problem for sure.. that whole thyroid, dhea, cortisol, insulin thing.. errrrr
  7. Interesting statement won won. i only ask you as im hypo myself and have looked into fixing my adrenals and thyroid as well. having said that im on my second liver flush this weekend, im not so sure where my root problem is, having said that. since ive flushed three weeks ago ive not broken out since lol altogh im still oiley and chronically fatigue. early days yet...
  8. Yeah with your family history with thyroid problems you need to keep a watch on it. My original primary care doctor didn't want to do anything for me, although I was having severe symptoms, and my sister AND mom had Hashimoto's. I finally calmly asked if they would recommend an endocrinologist, and they did--probably just to get rid of me . I kept track of my body temperature, and my other symptoms, and had a detailed typed description when I went to meet with the endocrinologist. That alon
  9. good question, why not just take it daily anyway?
  10. guys any good sites for recipes too??
  11. No offense, but i think you kind have answered your own questions there :) It seems as though the Taurine and B complex has helped, same with myself, but i think more time should be allowed for the body to adjust. I strongly recommend you stay to a healthy diet.. Cookies and lots of sweets is askin for acne really isn't it. Seeing as the whole topic is based on imflamatories and insulin lol fructose avoidance goes hand in hand with Taurine B complex :D Switch back to the diet :)
  12. ACV can be used as a replacement for HCL can it not? i know it helps with PH scale, i thought i read somewhere about stomuch acid too...