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  1. youre almost as desperate as dog20.

  2. i think yahoo chat has an adult section.. i'm not sure though.
  3. scrubbed my face with a paper towel causing it to be smooth.. and quite bloody .
  4. i saw this lady with a lot of scarring.. but she was still very attractive. she had a nice face and a nice body. definitely a milf
  5. first off stop calling me "dog." you can call me friend or bro instead. its some psychological not physical thing thats is preventing your from being loud. maybe you don't want people to notice you? hm
  6. We didnt pop out of nowhere, we evolved. I believe something created matter, or began time, THAT is something that doesnt sound like it can pop out of nowhere. I dont think there is a god that overlooks earth, but there is one that created the matter we are made of, and began time. Funny thing is, i still pray to whatever the hell god may or may not be, like i said - you have nothing to lose. you can't just pray for stuff. you got to do other things (i'm not religious so i don't know
  7. i'll be honest about this one. even though i got crappy skin, i still see looks and then personality (i'm so obsessed with my looks... that i can spot imperfections in anyone) but also, you can be pretty even with acne. you can be ugly without acne. right now, i'm at the point in my life where i want to find more then just a girl to have sex with. i want to be genuinely happy! if i knew the person was an awesome girl. then yes i would date her even if her skin was bad.
  8. thats bullshit. i bet if you had to scream to save your mom's life you would have no problem..
  9. i would prefer to be with someone who has acne and a low/not so high self esteem. i want to be comfortable around her and i want to be able to share my feelings to her- if i sense she has low self esteem too, i'll be happy to tell her about my depression and issues with my confidence. if i can find someone who can accept me for not looking like a guy on MTV then i'll be happy. i want a friend and a lover. not just a girl to make out with.
  10. you can call me friend not "dog." i don't like being dehumanized.
  11. God does not dictate your life. You control your own life through the choices you make. If you want to be miserable and sit around the house, then sit around the house and make no effort to be with anyone. If you want to find love, start talking to women and you will eventually find someone.
  12. i got a crush on this girl with red marks on her cheeks. i am drawn to her beautiful eyes and smile. she also seems happy and confident .