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  1. @J.A.R I'm mostly just red in the areas of scarring and leftover/active inflammation. The normal parts of my skin aren't very red so that's good. Had my almost-6 month appt today, doctor wants to keep me at 60mg (will reach my upper cumulative dose in ~2 more months). Like I said before, I know there's been improvement overall but I'm starting to face the potential fact that this may not fully work for me...which is scary because I don't really know what other options there are? Back-track an
  2. I'm just past the 5 month point, and I'm sort of somewhere in the middle...at this moment things are looking decent (aside from being super red and having scars). No huge breakouts but there are still small ones coming and going. Every week it still fluctuates a lot. I knew I would have a longer treatment going into this (not your seemingly usual ~6 month, probs more like 8 or so). I'm cautious with getting my hopes up whenever I have a good week because you never know...still on 60mg but potent
  3. I just finished month 3, now I'm continuing on the 60mg most likely for the rest of my course. Overall things are getting better breakout-wise however there's still a couple spots that persist and come back so I'm hoping another month on 60 will kill them for good!! Dryness/redness is definitely annoying, and some joint soreness (feel like an old woman lol). But overall it's going well, hopefully the new year = new/good results!
  4. Can't wait to be in your guys' shoes...I'm about to finish month 2 but still haven't had any results. Still breaking out consistently like I was before starting accutane. Going to 60mg next week so hopefully that kick starts some progress!!!!
  5. Almost completed the month of 40mg (so I'm almost 2 months in). Overall, really no changes. Lips are drier and skin is slightly drier, but basically things are the same. Last week I had a few days where my skin actually almost looked good...but then this weekend things started flaring up again and look like crap. I see my derm next week and we should be going to 60mg. Maybe THEN I'll finally see an improvement? Maybe?? It's just discouraging to continue to deal with this, with no end in sight...
  6. @TiaMarie I was on 20mg for the first month and I didn't really notice dryness until the last week of that month. And even then it wasn't too bad, just slightly more dry than usual. Now I'm one week into 40mg and noticing it more but still not horrid. Probably good that you're proactively moisturizing ahead of the dryness!
  7. Finished the first month at 20mg. Now starting the 40mg for the second month. The past few days have been looking worse in some areas, just angry big bumps that are STARING back at me in the mirror. Dryness has been increasing but still not bad at all. Hopefully the higher dose can start to make a difference later this month!! Ultimately I'll go higher but it'd be nice to not have to wait toooo much longer for *some* improvements. We shall see!
  8. @J.A.R Yeah I think my friends are probably sick of my ranting and bringing it up, but it's so hard to relate if they haven't experienced it. Same goes for my family, none of them have had any issues except for more "normal" acne so they don't always get it. Or they think it'll just clear up quickly and I'm like...sadly, no. At this point I'm not even hoping for perfectly clear skin, just normal average skin would be wonderful! Like I said I'm almost 1 month into treatment, but at 20mg so no
  9. I'm about 3 weeks into my second course of Accutane (first course was 6 years ago, no big skin issues until this year). Starting at 20mg because my derm didn't want me to have a bad IB, however my acne has been SEVERE leading up to starting Accutane so it's kind of a double-edged sword (start low and slow, or start high with an IB but maybe see results faster? I don't know). Either way, I'm on the Accutane train for 2017...hoping by the time 2018 starts things look better!!!!
  10. I totally commiserate with the mental/emotional side effects of acne...it's honestly the worst part IMO, especially being an adult and feeling like nobody else is still dealing with this. I don't think of myself as being 'vain' but it's crazy how badly this has affected my confidence/self esteem. I've avoided social gatherings, avoided dating, etc. just from feeling like other people notice my skin as much as I do. I'm on week 3 of Accutane (way down at 20mg, should increase next week). Fingers
  11. Sooo lucky me, I've started Accutane for the 2nd time. I am 27 years old, female, and ready to be DONE with this whole thing. I first took Accutane 6 years ago in college when I started having more severe acne, and other regimens didn't work for me. Accutane did work, I don't remember my dosage, but it wasn't a bad course at all (minimal side effects, don't remember ever having an initial breakout). Fast forward to 2017....skin has been fine, still have had breakouts in the last 6 years but neve