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  1. yes, wash it off and apply only moisturizer, i dont recommend wearing bp under foundation, it will make it flake even more (your skin still might flake just because its dehydrated). you could also do a moisturizing face mask
  2. can i wear translucent powder on my moisturizer (dry skin) or will it decrease the effect of moisturizer? my skin is very dry, but when i apply moisturizer i look obviously very oily, my hair sticks to it..i want my skin to be a bit matte, even though it needs to be hydrated.. ive recently started accutane, my already dry skin is flaking like crazy and i cant wear liquid foundation.
  3. Hi im struggling with a similiar problem. Ive tried a few tips that helped me, im still not 100% satisfied, but you might try these i thought my cetaphil moisturizer was great as its thick and my skin is dehydrated from bp, but for daytime under makeup i like gel moisturizers that doesnt sit on the skin and absorb. they moisturize well too! Also go have a breakfast to let the moisturizer sit. I always knew i was meant to wait, but until i actually did it, i noticed the difference! If moisturiz