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  1. 1. 16/ gr11(some gr 12 courses though) 2. I am a complete and total keener. I suck up and over-achieve without shame. 3. Probably Spanish or French, though Ancient Civ is really fun. 4. Math. I hate it witht he fiery passion of a thousand suns. 5. French or English. 6. I do choir(first soprano), anime club(I'm the pres), multi-cultural club, and sometimes track or badminton. 7. Dunno, maybe having the highest average of any non-asian student in my grade(I was beat for the top three by all asian
  2. Well, if you suffer from the dry bum and any tearing skin down in that area, make sure you buy the softest toilet paper imaginable and use a moisturizing soap(I've heard good things about dove) because it hurts like a mother if you let it go. Also, if the area around your lips starts to dry out chap(and especially if the corner's of your mouth start to split) do not use any chapstick that says "medicated." I found vaseline and lots of moisturizer before I leave the house cleared that up pretty q
  3. I've had so many bad haircuts that I've stopped letting slaon's cut my hair, now I get one of my friends to do it. Though as horrible things go, bad haircuts are relatively low on the scale, because they do grow out. I'd suggest next time you find a better hairdresser; a good indication is if you really like their hair style and their hair looks healthy.
  4. As much as the mean stuff people said bugged me, it was the false sincerity that I hated the most. Pretty much all or my friends and family starting talking like "oh your skin looks so much better, it's so great, blah blah blah" as soon as they found out I was on tane. And it bugged me, because I was blatantly in the middle of the IB, so they were all lying. Though I will admit that when the popular pretty chick who's dating one of my guy friends informed me that "you'll never get a guy looking
  5. Dump her as quickly as you can. This sort of situation is never pretty, I speak from experience (my dad was in an almost identical relationship, sept the kid was only 2, and it was painful and expensive for everyone involved.) If a lady is still living with an ex who "treats her like shit" and yet can spend 800$ on a hotel(meaning she's likely financially well enough to be able to live solo) then there's something the matter with her brain. If she's lying to said ex about where she's going, the
  6. Usually it's the lighting, that can really affect . If my best friend looks in a mirror near a fluorescent light she looks like she's been dead a week, but an incanddescent makes her look totally normal. It could also be the mirror itself. For example, my grandparents have a mirror that very slightly distorts the reflection to make you look thinner, it's awesome xD
  7. Don't sweat it, that's totally normal. When I was on tane, I was getting stress and PMS breakout until about two weeks before the end of my course, but now I'm totally clear all the time. You should be fine^_^
  8. luv that picture in the corner :)

  9. The 100 Million. With that much money, I can afford to have an exact latex double of my face(with clear skin) made to wear like a mask! Or as many crazy treatments as I want.
  10. Depends. If I'm in a good mood and the lighting is right, then I'm incredibly proud of how I look, because I have a nice overall face shape, and no more acne. If I'm in a bad mood, or there's fluorescent lighting, or someone has made a crack about how I look recently, I get really embarassed and ashamed. 'Cause I do still have scarring. Guess I'm just fickle^_^
  11. I like winter when it actually snows. The potential fun from the snow makes up for the ungodly cold. My favourite season is autumn though.
  12. He's good looking and rich yes, but I don't know much about his personality, so I can't objectively say for sure(that is, whether or not I would date him if I wasn't already attached.) I probably would though, as long he wasn't a complete butt-head.
  13. Definately find something else to do with your hands. I did the same thing, to the point my doc though I might be OCD, and the long term results and scarring are not worth it.
  14. Not usually. Normally I just didn't let people take pictures of me. Though one time I had to be in a photo for the DVD cover of a movie my class did, and I forced one of the techie guys to edit out my acne.