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  1. i was hoping i would know what to look for in a product..
  2. i have a combination skin and i find it hard how much moisturizer i need, nor to figure out how sensitive my skin is. in short, i don't really have bad acne. i don't get inflammatory ones, but i do get mild acnes every once in a while... i am really confuse on what regimen to use.. i am using olay clarity facial wash loreal pore refining toner and a moisturizer with vitamin e i know my acne was heridetary since my family has mild case of acne too. i am using pills now to balance my hormones
  3. what is doxycly hyc pills? does it work? about your question, i am using mild cleanser... like olay and cetaphil. they don't irritate and clog pores
  4. me, i am using Dianne pills. I had this classmate before who has really clear skin.. then she told me that she actually came from a "pimple-faced" family. her mom brought her to a gynecologist, because if you are having a family with the same acne problem, then most probably the cause of your acne is hormonal. so you need to balance your hormones. so, i did take Dianne Pills. it's a bit pricey. around 500 pesos at any drugstore and that is where my face started to clear up. i get pimples occas
  5. Please let me know more if it will work.. thanks
  6. i was hoping you can help me with this...
  7. i am planning of having TCA peel.. but i was wondering what will i get after that.... can anyone help me?
  8. i am using loreal pore refining gel wash and loreal pore refining toner. has anyone tried this already? did it work for you? my skin is a combination skin and i find it hard to look for the best product which will stop my pimples from breaking out. i don't get a lot, but i do get one every once in a while
  9. i was also given clindamycin by my dermatologist but i wasn't really satisfied with the results.
  10. I am using those pills but if you're a guy I suggest you not to use it.