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  1. I don’t want to be like nikkigirl, but you guys should not get too excited. Positive comes from those papers, negative comes from today’s reality. There is no human trials yet and we are thinking how to combine it with microcoring. Cmon.
  2. dude, get subcision+fillers and you will be ok
  3. sub+filler will help you. keep your head up
  4. while the coverage of this study is pretty impressive, it really sounds too good to be true, But I like it.
  5. if it disappears than sub+filler will help. Start with temporary fillers first.
  6. it was me. I had several scars on my temple and after one nokor sub + couple of light peels + tretinoin for several months there is nothing left. I am not making a big deal out of it because I have very severe scars all around my face so I am not focusing on such tiny things. I am not uploading my photos to this forum for some reasons but you can trust me.
  7. monomorphic-like scarring can be vanished completely. But it's rare. many of them just don't care.
  8. What you eat? This is top tier level healing
  9. tretinoin is no joke but it really works.
  10. Different lighting, angle, swelling. But nice improvement still. If you want to see 'real' b&a I'd recommend to see papers from websites like researchgate.net for example. Still many lighting tweaks but not as much as on instagram
  11. Acceptance as well? They did something wrong?
  12. What kind of potion this sweet baby needs?
  13. Dude just start a new topic. This one is about potential and upcoming methods of scar treatments.