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  1. What should I do to a fresh open wound from cyst (or something like that. dont know, but it big and it hurts) to prevent scarring? It is on TEMPLE. It is a week old, and it opened today. I dont want to show pics here. No problem for PM though. Just give me general tips how to care it properly. I am a bad healer (have TONS of severe scars), and I m taking low dose Accutane (16mg per day). Treated it with mix of benzoyl and azelaic acid (maybe it was overkill, btw). Thank you for your support
  2. 100percent smoking destroys your skin. I was scar free but with acne when I didnt smoke. After summer of 20 cigs/day (+weed) every single pimple left me with scars. Dont research anything from literature trying to find a way to be a smoker and good healer at the same time. Straight facts. If you want results - do not even think about cigs. Period.
  3. Are there any other places (beside owndoc) where I can by Derminator? They do not ship to my country.
  4. looks better obviously but I am not sure that your new picture taken in the same lighting as you first one.
  5. lucky. you have some angles and lightings where you can look good. Some people are terrible from every angle.
  6. people with acne scarring are the only people who look better with aging if they doing their treatments.
  7. Vasiliev is trash. He lied that he used Nokor. he used simple needle instead. Platinental clinic is bad. Book patients very close to each other. There is "МАК" clinic in Moscow. They can do canula sub by Innofill, RF, prp. They are obsessed with prp, so they will offer you prp in 99% of cases. But they are cheap. If you want cannula sub for cheap price you can go there. Right now Im under Dr.Sherer care. Cant remember name of the clinic (большая каретная улица). He has all kind of needles. I as
  8. we really need your before and afters.
  9. Mongclinic. Google it. Then use translator and search b&a section. There are a lot of b&a’s. We discussed this clinic last year. They use different subcision techniques but nothing special. Really strange that they deleted OP’s links. We share doctors and clinics all the time.
  10. Oh my godness. Since this patient allowed to show his case through Lim's instagram, I believe we can discuss him here. "there is a hope" - Lim.
  11. Show photos with inderect lighting