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  1. I've got 3 days left at 2 tablets a day, is it a bad idea to just take one a day until the end so I can gradually come off it?
  2. 5 days isn't a big deal. CONGRATULATIONS! I know how hard it is not drinking lol.
  3. with me, i am not tired at night but when I do go to sleep I stay asleep for ages. I have an incredibly hard time waking up in the morning and due to this, my sleeping pattern is screwed.
  4. anyone heard of the nocebo effect? I seriously think this could be a factor. then again I'm no expert.
  5. Some people are mentally ill. It is naive to blame something on a drug, it seems like a great scapegoat for the killer as well. I recently read an article about a guy who was 18, living at home with his two little brothers (13 and 11) and parents. He got into an argument during the day with his dad. At night when they where sleeping he shot and murdered his dad, mum and his two little brothers. He then went out to a party like nothing had happened. When he got back home he told police that
  6. It was some time after he took the drug that he did this. He was suffering from long term side effects due to the drug, obviously mental problems are included in that... how on earth can you say that? You go any real evidence to back that up? You can't trust a damn thing any media says. Anyone who murders someone with a blowtorch, can not possibly be sane in the first place. Sounds like a good way to demote accutane as well, considering he is part of an action group.
  7. well I must say, derms talk alot of shit Hate to break it to ya but if someone that was experiencing all the sides effects asked her about it she would say "The heavy side effects are a sign that the treatment is working more effectively". Personally, i don't have many side effects but i can't see how in the world side effects could change how effective the drug is on someone.
  8. roughly 2 weeks left of my 7 month course! I will post pictures. Been difficult but i'm almost there
  9. will it make any difference if I stop 2 weeks early? Course is supposed to be 7 months but will 6.5 do the same thing?
  10. Yeah haha, due to everyone saying how strong it is etc. I was paranoid the second after I took my first tablet haha, but yes its all in your head
  11. yeah, shows you've been putting on muscle. But anyways here's what someone else posted on a different forum. "Everybody always talks about how stretch marks are permanent and never go away. Well... here's the cure, and it's actually quite simple. Required Items : Loofah - 2$ Coca Butter + Vitamin E lotion - 5-10$ When you're in the shower use the loofah on the area that has the stretch marks. Rub the entire area until it's bright red. If there's a few minor spots that you can see some ver
  12. I've had no problems gaining. Only possible way to gain muscle is like "Miha" said, eat a shitload. Without a calorie surplus your muscles will not grow. Try to get 1-2 g's of protein per lb of bodyweight spread out throughout the whole day. Also get plenty of carbs and go hard at the gym and if you've been doing the same routine for a while, change it up, confuse your muscles.