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    Current interests: statistics, psychology, eating healthy yet bland food, isolation, drinking a lot, hiding my face constantly, researching whether its culturally acceptable to temporarily wear a burkha even if you're not muslim, smiling maybe twice a day, sleeping, Larry David, perusing acne blogs, listening to sad emo music like it's 7th grade all over again.

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  1. Oh, darling! I understand. Perhaps go to the derm and see if it hormonal in nature. If so, perhaps going on birth control or Spiro may help you. In the meantime, you could try getting a facial.
  2. Hey Yola! SO sorry it's taken so long for me to reply. I would say it took me a good 1.5 months to get back to having normalized skin again after the damage.... be patient and be gentle! Cleanse as little as possible, completely eliminate any sort of exfoliation.... What I found helped my skin and I still do this was the ice cold or tepid only water rinse then using a good moisturizer, icing for inflammation and redness as necessary. GET THE HUMIDIFIER. lol. I don't think has changed indefinint
  3. Hi, BrokenPorcelain, I have been following you on here and have read most of your posts. I too, had the same damage but from excessive dosage of retin-a though used with a buffer and extremely responsibly (less than a pea size) 1-2 times per week. I too suffered damage in the form of terrible, terrible skin texture and oiliness, orange peel texture, extreme BRIGHT RED insane breakout ALL over my face. It was like a switch was flipped. I cried all day everyday for 2 months. I wasted half of my su
  4. User613823



    Not for breakouts, IMO. Even when I had super dry tretinoin skin, this stuff made everything worse, I became a closed comedone city and am still recovering lol. Avoid if you are prone to clogged pores! May be alright with extremely dry skinned-people who have more cystic stuff.
  5. I hear that mandelic acid is really great for hyperpigmentation! I use 8% mandelic acid serum by Vivant skincare and it makes my hyperpigmentation look much better after as little as week, as recommended by my aesthetician. I saw my derm today and asked her about it and she said she's had many patients who say they love mandelic acid for their acne/hyperpigmentation as well. Best of luck!
  6. This is so crazy, my story is much the same as yours!! I stopped taking spiro last summer almost exactly a year ago in July when I decided I just didn't feel like taking it anymore. I pleasantly surprised myself and stayed mostly clear with the exception of a tiny one or 2 every few weeks until April/May of this year when I developed a few closed comedones on my upper cheeks. Thank goodness I had a stash of old spiro I found back at home at my parents' so I started taking 50 mgs a day in May, t
  7. I'm on a similar regimen as you at the moment. I started having moderate acne (non-cystic, mostly just blackheads and comedones) on my forehead when I was about 12 (6th grade). I became more accepting of them over the years and weren't such a terrible bother. At 14 my mom took me in to start going on birth control because she thought I had some sort of Pre-menstrual mood swings. I started on Yaz and had great skin for a long time. Eventually I went off yaz for whatever reasons I do not precisely